HNT – Candid up the tree shot of Logtar.

Logtar back to his ancestral roots

Logtar climbs a tree, picture for the of the HNT.

Almost forgot that I was going to do this today.

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/8)***
Fixing a webserver after having users down for 2 hrs and not being the one that caused the outage ;).

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/9)***
Slappy Joe’s, Slap Slappy JOES!

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/10)***
Making new friends at work.

10 comments on “HNT – Candid up the tree shot of Logtar.

  1. Photographer needs to move just a little bit…I can’t quite see as far up your shorts as I’d like to. 😛


  2. With a nick like ‘logtar’ and an announcement to look up your shorts… I was a bit nervous about what I might find!!! I found a fun picture. Happy HNT!! Um, what were you doing up in that tree?

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