Did I move to the right place?

I think so :) the town we live in is #6 on the best places to live in America. Check out CNN Money’s article on best places to live.

Here is a snippet!

Envisioned as a “parklike” bedroom community on the outskirts of Kansas City more than 100 years ago, Overland Park has gone to the second-biggest city in Kansas, with more than 160,000 people spread over 57 square miles. A third of Fortune 500 companies have offices in the area, including Sprint-Nextel, which employs 14,500 locally. Competitive salaries (the average income is nearly six figures) can buy you a whole lot of house: Existing homes sell for half (or less) of the cost on the coasts.

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6 comments on “Did I move to the right place?

  1. I live in old town OP and I think the quotation is hilarious. It’s difference between north and south Overland Park is amazing.

  2. I have not explored much of South Overland Park yet… I do see lots of cookie cutter houses the more south you go.

  3. Naperville, IL always makes the list and is usually the top 3. I have to admit that it is a very nice community, but still it is Chicago.

    What the list fails to tell is the little bedroom communities where small-town grassroots America thrives. I wouldn’t leave my town for anywhere else.

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