My imaginary friend hates your imaginary friend.

Religion is at the center of the war in the Middle East, come to think of it, the war on terror is also fueled by a certain level of Christian vs. Muslim mentality. So why aren’t we all Buddhists?

Even though I was raised Catholic and have attended several protestant churches, I am still a free thinker. Yes, you read that right, I am implying that religion takes away free thinking capability… and that is because the message is often misinterpreted and the two most important messages are lost in the dogma. Free Will and Love are the most important messages in the bible and most bible thumpers totally miss that message. I am also sure that the Quran has similar messages about how we need to take control of our own destiny and love one another.

Debate is dead in today’s society. We all think we are right and believe that everyone else is wrong, stupid or just incapable of comprehending the “truth” we have found. Why would I want to shove Jesus down someone else’s throat? Why would Jesus want to be put into that position? I am always torn when I hear about “missionaries” the warriors that set themselves as fighters in the war against ignorance of the “word.” Let’s take a remote village in Asia, no name, no country… but they practice a religion that has been passed down from generation to generation not for hundreds of years but thousands. A missionary comes from his 50 year old denomination church and tries to tell these people how they should live their spiritual lives when they come from a country that has in my opinion lost all sense of morality.

I do agree that great things are done in the name of God. Some of those missionaries do go and spread smiles on kids, bring education, schools and health to remote places in the world. But give me a break, don’t tell me that everyone in this planet needs to believe what we believe… specially from a religion that in the history of religions is almost a fad. Yea, I am a little bitter towards some of those “evangelical” “everything is evil” churches that are protesting soldiers funerals or telling us that the world is going to end. I believe that it displays religion at its worse, even at the same level as Hezbollah. It is sad to see people as sheep following an ideal that is painted by man and not by God. When you have to get the “Will of God” second hand you are in trouble my friend. If your religions leader is telling you that he is the only one capable of interpreting either scripture or “God’s message” RUN!

You should be able to read the word and interpret it yourself. If you are weak enough to have to let someone else how to live your life, I don’t look down upon you, however I feel that you eventually need to get up and take control of your own life. There are times when religion can help someone confused find the way… even though I belive that is the role of “family.” If you don’t have a family and are looking for direction the turning to religion is ok by me… but don’t follow someone else ideals, become a free thinker and exercise your right to free will. If God did not mean for us to be curious, inventive and explorers, he would not have given us a brain capable of all of these things.

If your religious leader tells you that you should kill others, ask him when the last time was he killed a couple of people for the “cause”. I am always amazed at the level of commitment some of the people that joining these religious “cults” get to. Some alienate their family and friends… some end up strapped with explosives to their bodies just because there “leader” has a violent imaginary friend.

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/2)***
Having my wife tell me that I make her life better.

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/3)***
Waking up in the middle of the night and …

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  1. so glad you are playing along with us this month…. and I’ll have to remember to tell my husband this evening how he makes my life better too!!!


  2. Religion is the very first freedom that is guaranteed to us in the Constitution. I think it is something that should be practiced privately. Personally, I think everybody has a right to express their religion, but they do not have the right to make me listen. Though generally I am polite enough to hear them out. I don’t have a bias against any particular religion because I was never really exposed to it growing up. I am an atheist by definition, not because I am damaged-goods from a bad experience from one. Therefore, I am not militant against it. I am not against ‘Under God’ or ‘In God We Trust’ and other forms of displayed religion. Arguing over such points is moot because it does not help nor harm anybody.

    When people feel sorry for me for being atheist, I only feel more sorry for them. It seems that they miss the entire point of their faith by judging me. My experiences are that most religious people are hypocrites who judge me, but think they can win eternal salvation by going to church every Sunday/Wednesday, put a little more in the offering plate, and repent their sins every so often. Personally, I am not somebody who feels I need a false sense of security to know that I am a good person. I am aware of my flaws. You shouldn’t even be offended by judgments of others or challenges to your beliefs, because your religion should be a relationship between you and your god. Otherwise, perhaps you should question your faith.

    To me, religion is not about who is wrong and who is right. It’s not something worth arguing over and it certainly isn’t worth dying for. What it fails to do, more than anything is teach tolerance and respect for other religions. In that sense, religion is a tyrant or a cancer. Like any organized group, corruption is present and goes all the way to the top.

    For all the good religion has done for each individual on our planet, it has done more harm as a whole.

  3. Waking up in the middle of the night and … unpacking more boxes. Im just guessing. I could be wrong.

  4. RE: Religion is at the center of the war in the Middle East, come to think of it, the war on terror is also fueled by a certain level of Christian vs. Muslim mentality.

    Religion is inevitably used throughout history as a political tool.

    Religion is the tool. Politics weilds the tool.

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