Rabbit, Rabbit!

I don’t like being supersticious, but I can be. I remember hearing about the first of the month say rabbit, rabbit be the first thing you say the first of every month from GiggleChick a while back, but I could never remember to do it. Today Michael posted about a very interesting thing that appearently has been going on for about 3 years. I am going to participate as much as I can… I will probably just do a little snippet per post. I think than more than being supersticious a little positive thinking will bring better luck.

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/1)***
Knowing that I have the internet as a means to communicate with my family and friends that are sooo many miles away.

2 comments on “Rabbit, Rabbit!

  1. Of all the great topics on your blog that I enjoy commenting on, I think I am actually stupider after reading this one.

    In fact, i ca’nt tyoe aynmor.en akhe,n ad,n adkfhakjdhfkas….

  2. It’s all about putting your life in a routine. If it helps you put things under your control, then I say go for it.

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