First Pro Football Game

Yea, the American kind. Ty and I went to see the Chief’s beat the Rams. Sadly, I was not too impressed by a live football game. Surprisingly enough the game actually seems to stop for the commercials… is this like reality TV?

The other thing that did not help was the people that decide to get up and obstruct your view at every play. I have no problem when someone gets up after a play, but not during, or for periods of time… the seats are there to be used. There was also an unpleasent smell.

Now the good things that I have to say about the game is that Chief’s fans are really into the game. They scream, they are loud and it is something that you can get suckered into for sure. Overall it is a great time, I think that watching it from a private box will be a better experience.

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Tuesday is Choose Day

Yes this is another lazy post… why well I have no time because I am working, having family issues and just overall without the real brain power that takes to write an actual post… so here is a meme

Would you rather
have your own food network tv show OR your own show on NBC?
This is kind of hard, the food network is cool, but a sitcom sounds more like something I could do for a while.

sit on 100 pounds of ice for an hour OR be lectured at about your illicit behavior by a priest and your parents?
I don’t mind talking to a priest or my parents, and since I am such a good boy the illicit behavior talk would be minimal!

be attacked by a swarm of mosquitos OR a gang of squirrels?
Squirrels are freaky scary, but I think that would be better than mosquitoes… what are squirrels anyways, just rats that climb trees

be a strict vegan OR hard-core atkins diet follower?
Atkins, got to have some meat… I’m a PETA member, People that love Eating Tasty Animals.

If you ever want to play this meme go to tuesday is chooseday

My Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is like riding a motorcycle. The people that have not experienced it can not even come close to understanding the feeling of personal satisfaction that you get from doing it.

I was the first member of my family to ever get a tattoo. My grandpa was a tough guy, he even had some solid rings with cool designs that he used to wear. It was probably something that back in his days of youth was something that people probably saw as out of the norm. I got my tattoo right after my sister got married. I wanted to always remember the last year that my family spent together living under the same roof.

I told my sister that I was going to get it, and she freaked out. My parents are kind of old fashion and even getting my ear pierced was a source of a lot of heated arguments. She feared my parents reaction but that was not going to stop me. I kept it hidden from everyone else for a while. The first one to find out about it was my Mom. I had been successful at hiding it because since it is in my upper arm and I wear undershirts 90% of the time, she never had a chance to see it even though I was still living under her roof.

My Mom is a hair stylist and has cut my hair most of my life. I needed a haircut and as I sat on a chair to begin she told me, take off your shirt so it does not get all full of hair. I did not even think of my tattoo at the time, it had been weeks since I had gotten it and it was fully healed. My parents at the time were in the middle of their divorce, and I am not sure if it was because of it but she did not mind that I got it. She still thought I was a little crazy for getting it but was ok with it.

Since then my tattoo has grown, it started with just the Colombian flag, but now there is a full dragon all around it. I got the Colombian flag first because it represented to me one the the things that I am the proudest about, my heritage. It was also something that I knew would never change. I remember that I had always been into the Tazmanian devil and even considered it as a tattoo design. I am kind of glad that I decided to go with the flag first and that I now have a japanese style tattoo around it. I am not sure if I would still be as glad if I had Taz in my arm.

Survivor Season Cancelled?

The debate over the new season of Survivor heats up. New York officials are protesting the “tribes.” Will it be possible to stop a season of Survivor from being broadcasted?

While the producers are trying to sell this season’s decision to introduce race as the dividing factor for the first tribes as a simple move aimed at addressing complaints that there had not been sufficient ethnic diversity in previous series; I cannot help but feel like they are trying to pull the “race card” out of their sleves to get more ratings. Could this backfire on them?

I am curious to see what happens. I want to see if they all get corresponding buffs, he Hispanic American’s getting the Brown bufs… oh, there is going to be so much stupidity that can be derived from this. I am not sure if this will end up being as much of a big deal as I think it might. Maybe I should not really pay that much attention, after all it is just Survivor… right?

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Messed up dream

This morning I had a very strange dream. Even though I am no stranger to really vivid dreams, this one was just a little more hyper realistic than I want them to be.

I was in a house I did not know, but it seemed to be mine. As I tried to go into the backyard through a sliding glass door about 10 puppies of all different breeds greet me with hunger on their little faces. I seemed to have either seen the dogs in a previous dream because my familiarity with them was strange. Somehow I feel like they represented something in my life. I ended up feeling feeding them… but then the dream gets really weird.

I looked to my right and there is a corrall type of enclosement. If I had to describe it further I would say it was a pigsty, but instead of pigs, there was adult dogs in there. I started to head towards them when a big crow flew away from what looked like the half eaten corpse of a dead dog. Surprisingly the corpse dog, that was truly repulsive get up as I set a bowl of food in the middle of their enclosement. The dog ate along with what looked like malnurished dogs.

I don’t think a dream interpretation book can help me with this one, but what I am thinking is that the dogs all represented ideas… some new and some old… for some reason some of my older ideas are still there, waiting to be feed, almost dead but not quite yet there.

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