Rincon Colombiano

Rincon Colombiano

El Rincon Colombiano (The Colombian Corner) is a Colombian restaurant here in Kansas City. Even though this is a little place with limited tables and space, it really made me feel welcomed. I looked for a Colombian restaurant in Michigan since I first moved in, but I only found one down in Detroit and I never had the chance to go. I was lucky enough to find El Rincon to be only about 20 minutes from where we will be living.

I have been to about 4 different Colombian restaurants in the US. Some were even in the “fancy” side, people were always friendly, but nothing like I experienced at El Rincon. I had a great “home cooked” flavored Colombian meal with “chorizo, chicharon and empanadas” but the cool thing was that in one afternoon I made some new friends. Even a famous one, I have DJ Kiko’s cell phone number who is the authority in the Colombian community when it comes to music in this city. I also have someone that can do my taxes and help with accounting and legal matters. I met more Colombians in an afternoon than I did in 10 years in Chicago. It is nice to have a very close nit community here in Kansas City.

The food was awesome and the company second to none, so my first full day as a Kansas City resident couldn’t have been better.

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  1. That reminds me… the Colombian restaurante that we went to in downtown Chicago was without a doubt the best place I have ever eaten. Lots of food and very nice atmosphere. Alas, I cannot remember the name, nor the location. I’d like to go there again if I could find it. I am sure Melissa would too.

  2. The Colombian restaurant that we went to was Las Tablas, there is two locations on on Lincoln and Belmont and the other one is Irving Park road east of Cicero. Also the Cuban restaurant that you really like is called Cafe Bolero and that one is on Western avenue south or Irving Park road, across the street from a bank… but last time I went there I was not too impressed… they turned it more into like a bar.

  3. A Columbian restaurant! Logtar, this is 4 real? Okay, now I know God put you there for a good reason.

  4. We will definitely have to come visit now since there is a restaurant you deem worthy. As Travis says the one we visited in Chicago was excellent. I’m a very picky eater, but have learned to try more things.

  5. Sounds great. I know up here, a lot of people from Hawaii tend to band together. It’s just comforting to know others that come from a similar background.

  6. Sounds like a great place. I bet you’re the type of person who isn’t a stranger to strangers for too long…

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