It has been crazy. Try to start a new job and do an interstate move at the same time. I know I am a little crazy for taking on that much, but thankfully I have always had perseverence on my side. I did not expect to be traveling as much as I have the last month, but duty has called and it feels good to be able to hit the ground running at the new company.

I spent a couple of day in Minneapolis. I’ve stopped at the airport there a couple of times, but this was my first time actually going anywhere. One of the things that business travelers will tell you is that you can go to many cities, but not see anything besides the hotel and the route to and from the airport. This was the case for this visit where I was trying to cram about 2 weeks worth the knowledge into 2 days. It all worked out pretty good and I am doing a lot of information digesting still. Add to that about 4 hours of work at night and you get a couple of sleep deprived nights. All that was remedy last night with an all time Logtar 6 hr nap, plust 7 hours of actual night sleep.

Staying in hotels sucks. I just cannot get used to sleeping in a bed that is not mine. I have been told that I should travel with my pillow, but I am a light traveler. Suitcase that fits in the overhead comparment and laptop backpack. I cannot stand having to check luggage in.

Just to share my latest travel story, I will tell you a little about my returning home flight. I love flying. I love the fact that humans have been able to invent something that can do what only birds could do in centuries past. However, I dislike airlines, all of them… they truly don’t have a clue. I get to travel first class once in a while, and while the experience is a little better, no one is free from airline incompetence.

Yesterday as I boarded the plane I had a feeling it was going to take a while, not sure why but I could feel it. I had woken up super early, around 4 A.M. and had gotten to the airport with plenty of time to spare. So I print my e-ticket after chaning my last row seat to a sit at the front of the plane… for those that have never traveled in a airplane, riding towards the front of the plane is a better experience.

I took my seat and was lucky enough to sit right next to an older couple, polite and with good personal hygene. I’ve had to travel with people that tempted me to give them the deodorant from my bag. I still had a nagging feeling that something was just not going to be right… then I see the people loading the luggage loading pets. Mind you, this was not someone’s pets in the airplane but about 25 pet carriers from either a breeder or a store… followed by some other “live animal boxes” that could have been either chickens or lizards. I understand animal shipping, I worked at a pet store and have done some online fish shopping.

I also understand that the right paperwork has to be filled in when you are shipping live animals… what I do not understand is why the plane had to go back to the gate twice because the paperwork was not right. In todays day an age of the digital transmissions when even my cellphone is equipped with the capability of sending data across the air, why can an airport, or airline have the techology to electronically transmit paperwork? I could ramble on all day, but I have to get back to work, so until next time…

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  1. Like you I like flying, though the airline companies seem to want to suck all the joy out of it for me as well. I often feel as if the departure time is just a suggestion and that the arrvial time is just a hopeful estimate. I always have this image of the presidents of the airlines sitting around laughing at us–ha, ha, they thought they’d get to Cincinnati by noon…oh that’s a good one, Joe.

  2. LOL @ “I’ve had to travel with people that tempted me to give them the deodorant from my bag.”

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