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Static brain has challenged me, to post 24 things that are unusual about me… I have posted 100 already so it will be hard not to repeat but I must try… must I callenge the usual suspects or find 6 new victims?

1. Out of all the icecream flavors, chocolate is my least favorite.
2. I like hot cocoa.
3. Overall, I am not a fan of ice cream.
4. When I must have some, I prefer a banana split.
5. I do like wipped cream.
6. I am not a fan of sweet candy.
7. I like sour and tart candy better.
8. Hard coffee flavored candy rocks.
9. I like Naruto

10. I know how to say I love you in 5 languages. (Sp, En, It, Fr, Uk, Pt) Plenty more here.
11. My first phrase when I was a baby was “Leave him alone”
12. I took my first steps at 8 month’s old, but due to an accident had to relearn when I was about 2.
13. I have never had surgery.
14. I wake up before everyone in the house most of the time.
15. I like flying.
16. I dislike hotels.
17. I don’t like riding in a bus or a train due to motion sickness.
18. I have seen the Milky Way.
19. I can count in 6 languages up to 3, 4 languages up to 10, and 2 all the way.

20. I am not afraid of animals in the water, however seaweed just grosses me out.
21. I climbed a tree last year.
22. I can rollerblade backwards.
23. I like Oolong tea.
23. I miss eating fresh tropical fruits, especially all the different kinds of mangoes.

So consider yourselves tagged!

5 comments on “Tagged and Challenged 24 things about moi

  1. I thought I was the only person that doesn’t really care if I ever have ice cream. Nice to know that I am not alone.

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