Do you Google?

I am not talking about just the best search engine there is, I want to talk about all the other things that google offers but you probably have not taken the opportunity to check out.

If you don’t have a Gmail account, get one… if you need an invite just leave a comment or e-mail me. If you cannot figure out what my gmail account is, maybe you don’t deserve the free account 😉 kidding. Gmail is the e-mail service that got all others to not only step up their storage space but also their interfaces. It is an excellent tool because it lets you search your e-mails like no one had done before. It makes it very simple to organize your e-mails and my complainst have all been taken care of as development has moved forward.

Once you have gotten into Gmail and moved all your contacts from everywhere else (it is easy), then you can start enjoying their web enabled, no fuss chat program. Google talk rocks. It interfaces with your e-mail and makes it a lot easier to communicate. They also offer a fat client that is pretty good. But wait, if you have trillian or gaim don’t despair, you can still use the google chat.

You would think that it would stop there right? No… you don’t use outlook already to keep your calendar… you have never used one. Enter Google Calendar. An excellent web calendar that even lets you make things public so that others can see when you are busy or not. A calendar can really help keep things straight for you and having it online makes it accessible from any machine… better yet, you can export your outlook right into the Google calendar!

And there is more, a lot more. Are you a blogger? Or a news junkie or have an RSS addiction? If you don’t know what an RSS is, then we need to send you to internet rehab for sure… but before you download any other RSS reader, use the Google RSS Reader and be amazed at how well it works.

Are you a Mac User that switched to PC for whatever ungodly reason? You miss iPhoto? Do you have tons of pictures in your computer but no way to really organize them? Do you have a need for a little picture touch-up but Photoshop scares you? Then download Picasa and feel right at home.

Don’t have an antivirus right now? Getting more adds than your finger can click off? Then download the Google Pack and get 6 months free or Norton as well as ad aware, on top of that you get Picasa too :) all in one neat package!

Lost? In need of directions? then Google Maps can save you. I have not seen a more accurate one in quite some time… I was an avid mapquest user but google maps really rocks. I still have not even gone to their free sms services, google earth and many other things that make google great… so go and get Googled, it is even a dictionary word now! Happy Googling and what’s best its FREE!

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  1. You overlooked mentioning Google Earth. The cool satellite toy that will let you spy on lands far away, so close in some places that you can even see cars on the street. But you really need broadband cable or DSL or better to use it. It locks up the computer on dial up.

    BTW You have been tagged with a mission. Click HERE for details. Ha Ha Ha.

  2. Jeez now that I reread that last paragraph I see that you did mention it. Silly me. How I overlooked that I will never know.

    Oh and don’t forget your mission, because I wouldn’t want to have to hunt you down. Mwa Ha Ha. 😈

  3. Please send me a gmail invite if you have any extras. Great topic article also, good advice for beginner. I actually need a few Gmail’s to seperate my wife’s kids and mine including personal & a couple of others for etc….

    But will be totally satisified for just one invite, plz don’t read this as asking for 100 invites…

    Also, I used to have a couple while in partnership & i remember that you would recieve extra invites to send out to people. HOwever, one of my friends (well ex-friends, NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH FRIENDS UNLESS CONTRACT IS MADE!!! Our friendship was worth about $250, but he really lost out as now it has expanded and we are pulling in profit of about $600/mo on just the one business we founded 3 months ago on-line & takes no work—OTHERWISE i could have as many as i want…) experimented with it for awhile and some accounts give you extra invites to send when u create them & others don’t… I thought it was due to the email you entered as secondary email in case of lost password.. example: if you entered an sbcglobal email you got more but if u send to GMAIL acct u don’t get any.. NOT

    But when thinking it makes sense as a email user would more likely send to others in that type of email and refer to google to increase the market. I love the GMAIL… THere are a few tweaks I would like to see, but very minor like being able to increase # of items shown on search of email like there is for your folders, and able to sort inbox by “from” etc… But w/ the search u can pretty much take care of it, i just hate the spam and after a few days of non-checking it can pile up, and clicking from helps me out… BUT no complaints as google may get its’ knocks from people for their “invasion” of privacy or tracking, but they fought the government to keep privacy of searches etc.. Yeah they of course do market research, but who doesn’t… Just like when you use a kroger card to save money- they have your address, CC if wanted, checking acct, name, items bought, etc.. Credit cards…no need to even explain them.. everyone tracks market trends/consumer trends who wouldn’t it is part of business & for my 2 cents if I was google I would track the heck out of it and they have earned it… LOOK AT WHAT IS FREE… Who else gives ya that & now google checkout… 2.0% +.20 no other fees whatsoever,,, BEAT THAT as a merchant… I don’t think ya can.. A few drawbacks to it, but still GO FOR IT…

    Also, do you have any good ideas of how to incorporate google checkout into ebay auctions for payments… I hate paypal & their “we are the only option so who cares about u” attitude i have found. What i have thought about is making individual checkouts for each auction but too time consuming & also have not read all guidelines yet so not sure if that’s legal.. But if this is tell me what ya think..

    Set up a page with BUY NOW for “ebay auction $1.00” “ebay auction $1.50” or somehting where they pick 1 the one directed by you to equal their buy price… Too complicated in this form, but advice would be greatly appreciated… Email to me at

    ALSO just found a great back-up for comp to have info anywhere you need and it is FREE.. Automatic back-ups, set-time to back-up, tons of options. There are 2 versions a free & expanded, but i have backed-up/stored TONS of info & am using 5-8% of my limit.. check it out on my blog at

  4. I use google for three things. Searching for Images and Info, Adsense, and Gmail. I make a pretty penny with Adsense too and it so easy to use!

  5. I stumbled upon a cool football (aka soccer) website yesterday that is working with gmail. It’s just logged in and don’t know much about it, but it looks pretty cool so far.

  6. That new company you went to…was it Google? You mentioned several things I didn’t konw about with Google. I will have to look into it.

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