Moving to a new place is not easy, it is worse to have to move to a whole new state alone. I’ve done it before and I feel that I need to share what made a difference for me so that if anyone finds himself or herself in this situation they can experience things differently. I am lucky this time because when I move to KC I will have family with me, that makes things a lot easier to deal with.

First and most important is positive attitude. If you look at the situation with happy glasses it will be so much better. When you talk to family and friends back home be sure to always include the good and exciting things that you have found. Reminding yourself of all the negative things is only going to make it more difficult to adjust.

Find places that remind you of home. If you are a pizza lover, make it a quest to find the pizza that reminds you of home the most. Find that small coffee house that might have your favorite brew. If you are into movies, see if there is a local video store (I know- a dinosaur now-a-days). If you love pets find the local pets store. The Internet is a great resource to find places that might remind you of things from home, but in some smaller cities the yellow pages can be a better resource.

Meet people. It is important that you meet people. Start with the people around you, at work, neighbor’s maybe even coworkers. Getting to know people is the easiest way to start making a place feel like home. Join a church, local Gym, Martial Arts School or a local club. Getting to know people with similar interest will make it a lot easier to start conversations and find friends.

Drive around until you get lost. Once you get lost buy a map. You will be amazed at the places you can find while just cruising around a new place. Driving without a set destination is also fun, like lets say you want to go get dinner, but you want to find a Chinese place… then just drive around and I am sure a China Palace will just pop out of no where.

Last but not least, find a literal happy place. Find a place where you can either just park your car and stare at the scenery. Find a lake, a park or an open field. I am a sky lover, so pretty much anywhere I can see the sky can be a relaxing place for me. Other cool places are rooftops, but again find a place where you can get away and just relax.

If you have other suggestions, please share, I am sure that someone out there will appreciate the advice :)

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4 comments on “Alone

  1. …wise advice! Whether your new place is physical, mental or emotional…. your suggestions are appropriate! 😉

  2. I too remember the lonely trip I made to college and a new location. Talk about a little lamb lost in the forest. I hope your message gets to one who needs it most. It is great advice.

  3. Hmmm… I moved to Jacksonville, FL from Massachusetts two years ago and I’ve yet to see a single place down here that reminds me of where I used to live. The only thing that ever reminds me of “back home” is people… Some people down here are also from northeastern states and they remind me of people I knew in Massachusetts.

    …but this place is home now. When I visited Massachusetts a few weeks ago, I don’t think I met anyone or went to any place that reminded me of home (Jacksonville).

    “I have a license to kill -9”

  4. Sounds like things are going good. Like I had no doubt you’d be just fine!!!

    Good to hear things are going your way. Good advice coming from the King of Advice. You should have your own talk show. How does Dr. Guz sound? LOL


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