Logtar upgrades his wheels

Yes it is true, I got suckered by one of my friends (who is a car salesman) into upgrading the Monte from Version .01 to .06

OMG it is awesome, the new SS 303 HP engine roars… I am so excited :) ! Now we have a brand new black vehicle! Here are some interior pictures.

Old and New

6 Responses to Logtar upgrades his wheels

  1. Nice! There’s nothing better than riding in new wheels! Congrats!

  2. Whatever. I still don’t like Monte Carlos since the late 70s. When they had curves.

  3. Very nice…..

    But you’d best be careful…all the chicks will dig you now.

  4. Enjoy the new ride!!

  5. How awesome! :)

  6. Tonya Wilkinson

    So Dave got to you, eh? It looks like a pretty nice car.

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