The French danced the Samba

The display of moves did not come from Ronaldo or Ronaldinho, it came from Zidane. While I want to talk about a million excuses (For the record, I have never liked Ronaldo, there is just something about him that always bothered me) for the defeat of one of my favorite teams, I have no other choice but to say that the French played an excellent game. They not only dominated the Brazilian team, they crushed it.

Brazil is a strong team if they get the chance to dominate the ball. Unfortunatly today the French would not let go of it for any other reason that to send burst attacks towards the awesome Brazil defense. If it was not for them, this match would have been over in the first half and it would have been an embrassing 5-0.

I guess Zidane still has a couple of games left before his retirement. He looked amazing, the managed the ball and his team that overall has less star power, yet it did everything right today. Zidane only lost possesion of the ball once or twice, that is amazing when Brazil is a team that is not just awesome at managing the ball but also stealing it. Today they did not get the chance. I am sorry but it is no excuse that Ronaldo was pretty much a statue, or that the two man coverage that Ronaldino had barely let him breathe, or that Cafu is should have just retired from international play years ago… the French did what soccer is supposed to be about, finding out what your opponent’s advantage is and neutralizing it.

I am not the biggest Portugal fan, in fact after they won against the English on penalty kicks all I could think of was how cool it was going to be for Brazil to beat Portugal, the country where their language came from… but I guess I got a little ahead of myself and forgot that Zidane at 34 had more energy than any 24 year old in the field.

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8 comments on “The French danced the Samba

  1. Yeah, it was a great game. And the French taught a humility lesson to the ever ego-thumping Brazillians.

    – MENJ

  2. I find myself watching these games and cheering for people I know nothing about. I guess when you combine so much passion and determination into so many individuals, it’s hard to look away. Viva Italia!

  3. That’s alright. If history repeats itself as it tends to, France will just lay down for Germany.


  4. On Saturday, for those true soccer fans, time stopped when the final whistle was blown after the game. I was absolutely difficult for me to accept the fact that Brazil had been eliminated from the competition. I think they underestimated France, who brought their A-Game. I’m rooting for Germany now!

  5. for Ronaldo will always be the greatest. nevertheless he is human. and football is the greatest sport. just enjoy the game. brazil will rise again. they are still the best team. peace.

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