Ah!!! We Suck Again!

I have to admit one thing, the US goal was beautiful. That Ghana stole two goals is irrelevant. The US did not come out to be a contender in the World Cup stage. Ghana and Italy are now advancing to the next round. Ghana is not a good team, the goals they scored against the US were both stolen. First one was due to a bad call, the forward fouled Reyna and surprised the goalkeeper. The second goal was a penalty kick granted for a non existent foul.

I am not going to talk about the US anymore, they had a chance to advance today but in a way I am happy that the embarrasment is over. Now I will concentrate on cheering for Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico. I cannot stand Argentina as a team because of their attitude towards other South American teams. So far the World Cup has been good, but the next round is where things really get interesting.

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8 comments on “Ah!!! We Suck Again!

  1. The only thing Ghana stole was the ball off of Reyna’s foot. He wasn’t fouled. The penalty kick was a horrible call, but still, the US played horribly and at best would’ve only managed a tie.

    Ghana showed themselves to be a great team. If you watched the GHA v CZE game, that would have been apparent even before this morning.

  2. It’s good to know there are people living in America that actually care about this World Cup.

  3. ghana’s first goal was legit. the second is questionable. i don’t think it was an infringement by the usa defender. anyhows ghana advances. but they are up against my team brazil so they better dig deep. congrats to ronaldo for tying the record. he is the best. the phenom.

  4. Our players did not have the proper mindset, they had the physical stamina, but they lacked team work. I think Bruce Arena should be fired, he set back US soccer years. I bloged about it on my site. . . And yes, though I think we could have done much better (shown for the most part against Italy), we just couldn’t hold on to it. We need new blood.

  5. Ahhh pinche árbitro, ese penalty no existía, si quedaban empatados, pasaba República Checa de ronda y cuando se recuperaran Koller y Baros ya iban a ver lo que era un equipo de verdad.

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