Movies that you probably have not seen…

but should!

I decided to put a little list together of movies that a lot of people have not seen, but I believe people should. Some are better known than others, but I believe every single on in this list is worth your couple of hours.

The Boondock Saints
This movie is a little on the violent side, a lot in the funny side, mostly in the smart side and all about good action. The score is unreal, the acting is great and the story makes you say “man I wan to do that.” This movie was never released in Theaters in the US, but became a cult classic. Some people are into this movie so much that they have tattoos that are related to the movie.

Some movies make you think about how you live your life, this one is one of them. Even though it is a SCI-FI/Action film it really touches on what society can become… or has society already gotten there? Watch the movie where the gun kata first appeared.

City of God
If your mental pictures of poverty all come from sponsor a kid commercials it is time you take another look. City of God is a movie that will show you a reality that as a society we don’t want to face. This movie is even more relevant after Katrina, because while some people think that poverty and “third world” problems are so far away, the disaster showed how close to us poverty really is.

So what are you waiting for, go rent these movies or add them to your netflix list.

4 comments on “Movies that you probably have not seen…

  1. 2 out of 3 I’ve seen. Not that bad? :d (City of God: why not use the original title? :d)

    Movies you should add to the list (or at least watch yourself):

    No man’s land.
    Beautiful people
    Shut up (original title: Tais-toi)

  2. City of God was a good movie. I found the crime as throught-provoking as the poverty. It helped remind me how blessed I am to have been born and raised in a place where a life of crime is so relatively avoidable. It helps put lie to the notion that those in the underclass that drift to crime do so out of an innate moral inferiority. It is all a decision, of course, but I do get somewhat annoyed at people with priviledged backgrounds in the world’s wealthiest nation profess the belief that they would no more likely be drawn in to the darker side of things if they were raised in the big, bad city and that the same person with the same moral fortitude might make two different decisions when confronted with very different situations and prospects.

    At least that’s what I took from the movie.

  3. La Ciudad de Dios. Excelente pelicula. Sin palabras, simplemente muy fuerte, muy real. Thats why I loved it. I saw City of God last year, and I’m now looking for it, I’d like to buy it and have it. It is a must see.

    Sobre las otras 2 peliculas, no las he visto, pero al verlas recomendadas al lado de esta… I should try to get them to see them.

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