Happy Father’s Day

This father’s day is a difficult one. My Dad does not have his father anymore. My Dad keps close contact with my family in Colombia and calls for every special occasion. I wonder if he will call today…

However, this is a very happy Father’s day. I am actually an official step-dad now :)

My Dad is an excellent Father, and he was the greatest provider I have ever known. He would spend all his energy towards his kids. My Dad is not rich, but with what he had he always gave us everything he could. My Dad is not the great speaker my grandfather was, but he would always show with his actions what his father had taught him. I learned a lot from my Dad, a lot more that what he might even imagine…

Today I want to celebrate not just my Father and Grandfather, but all the fathers I know… all of my friends that have kids, all of the bloggers that are fathers and just let you all know that I also learn from all of you, because when it comes to being a father the only handbook is other father’s actions.

Happy Father’s Day

6 comments on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. I’m sure you’ll be a great dad. My step-father was more “dad” to me than the guy that actually has the title.

  2. There’s a difference between fathers and fathers. Please only celebrate those who behave as Fathers. :d

    Anyway, goodluck with the being a Father thingy. Luckely I’ll never have to be one. 😀

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