Feast Ninety-Eight

It is time for another Friday Feast!

What is a word that you use that would not be considered common?
I use excellent like it is going out of style… but I guess that is kind of common. I also use Sir quite a bit, now that one is probably less common.

What theme of calendar do you have on your wall this year?
Hrm… none really… but I do enjoy calendars that you have to rip the page off…

Name 3 people you speak with by telephone a regular basis.
Mom (Every morning)
Sis (At least once a week)
Dad (At least once a month)

Main Course
If you could buy a new outfit for someone you know – who would it be and what would you purchase for them?

What is the last beverage you drank?
Diet Cherry Vitamin P! (Pepsi of course)

13 comments on “Feast Ninety-Eight

  1. how funny – since I don’t drink soda often, I haven’t heard about all these new flavors. MAybe I’ll treat myself one day soon, if I can find it…. Mines up.

  2. Love your reference to your dessert. I’ll have to remember that one. *smiles*

    Come dine with me, my feast is served

  3. Oooh, there’s a Diet Cherry Pepsi? Must look for that :)

    Delicious feasting going on here – have a terrific, I mean, EXCELLENT, Friday!

  4. The word that’s been creeping into my vocabulary lately is score. No idea why.

  5. Diet Cherry Pepsi? That’s interesting. I’ve never had that “dessert” before!

    Would you like to drop by my feast too? :) You’re invited!

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