World Cup begins and the US SUCKS!

I wanted to puke after I saw the display of pure dominance that the Czech’s put over the US team. I did not get to watch the game live, but I did tape it and planned to watch it all… but after seeing the US deflate like a balloon after the first goal the only thing that I could stomach was watching the beautiful goals that were scored against them.

None of the goals were cheap or opportunistic, they were all superior goals. I was looking forward to watching the US, who was supposed to have its best team ever, play with tons of heart and advance past the “group of death.” Now I am left to hope that they can beat both Italy and Ghana. Italy is going to be a formidable opponent, but they can be defeated, well they HAVE to be defeated. Ghana scares me a little more because they are going to play with tons of heart and try to at least get a W from the Americans. The Czech’s looked too solid and the worse I see them doing is maybe tie the Italians.

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  1. Ireland has a soccer team, they just did not make it into the world cup, there is an elimination before you get there… Colombia did not make it to this world cup either… I guess I am left just rooting from Brazil

  2. Football, the original football is what you Americans call soccer… It’s way older than football… even Rugby came first.

    Anyways, Logtar, the US team sucks and let’s face it: it’s almost sure they won’t get to the second round, and they won’t beat Italy. They’ve had better teams in past world cups, this time they’re just an addon.

    Off to watch Brazil vs Croatia, take care.

  3. Rosicky dame un hijo!!! :P:P
    Ala, buen partido, yo le iba a los checos, lo siento por los estadounidenses pero en serio yono les veía nada de futuro en ese grupo.

  4. You know, US soccer has had better moments for certain, but common, the Czech’s were no push over. I mean, forget about that they are ranked number 2 in the world and that their strikers (and Goalie) play for the best teams in the EPL (English Primer League), they just out class us on the pitch. They had a rhythm right from the start. Hey, I love my US Squad, I will never abandon them, but when I saw their attitude just drop after the first goal, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

    There is a lot of talk about Bruce Arena and how he has played the favorites game with who he has choose to represent the USA on the pitch. But I think he did a better job than the previous coach we had (Sampson), but we need some new blood. Maybe we should be looking for someone who can bring some European or Brazilian style play into the equation. I hate to say stuff like this, because it makes me sound like one of those typical American’s who doesn’t like to lose (who does?) but when it comes to World Cup and you have a display like we had to endure, it just makes it obvious we need to do something about it.

    Oh, and fubol will never be on the level of football here in the states, but as long as their are people like me out there, I will always support footie and the joy it brings to the rest of the world. Sign me up for season tickets to MLS (Major league soccer) and Concacaf matches I can make it to. Make mine Soccer!

  5. Don’t be afraid of Ghana, be afraid of Italy. Honestely, although Ghana has a very motivated team and some technically skillful players they lack the experience and cleverness to rival a top team. Their game against Italy showed this very clearly: Even though Ghana displayed an eye-pleasing performance (especially in the first half), in the end they didn’t even come close to endangering Italy’s 3 points.

    Italy on the other hand may not have the best individual players in the world, but they have an experienced, disciplined and tactically skillful team which we will be at least as tough to overcome as the Czechs. Personally I think it’s only a question of whether the US will finish 3rd or 4th in the group.

  6. The media has been overhyping this US team for close to a year. Despite finishing on top of CONCACAF qualifying, they rarely looked really sharp (and lost both road games they played against good teams.)

    The friendlies this year have been dreadful: Germany absolutely destroyed us, we looked like trash against Morocco (who beat us) and only looked semi-competent against a weak Venezuela and Latvia.

    I watched most of the US 2002 World Cup games recently on ESPN Classic and we won many of those games by the skin of our teeth. It was a good team, but expectations were inflated over a good run and a spell of good luck.

  7. Ok, so raise your hand if you have never left American soil….. uh huh….. American football is over rated, over paid, plus it has no heart or soul.

  8. lenfu:

    I agree that the NFL has no soul, but that’s not true of the college game. There’s a 92,000 seat stadium right down the street from me that’s sold out every game in the last 20 years. Those people are mad for it.

    And yes, I’ve left US soil and been to World Cup Qualifying matches.

  9. While there has been much hype about how great Team USA is this year, prior to their first match, I as expected for them not to do so good. They have an OK team, but when it comes to soccer, it’s very difficult for them to compete against Europen teams.

  10. Nico:
    College football is all about laying it out on the field. I am a student at UH and our football team sucks balls, but I am out there supporting my team just the same. It’s a bit sad when my MLS soccer team fills more fans in the stands in my college stadium than the team who owns it. It’s no surprise, I am not a fan of NFL, but I still watch and go to college games. I’m used to being the minority, in fact, I find it pretty refreshing when I can queue some of my friends into soccer especially because it’s World Cup. What a better way to introduce someone to the game the rest of the world considers without borders.

    Hype? Hehe, what else does the US sports media do except hype? They do it all the time, and that will never change. I just think it’s time for the US squad to get some new blood in the coaching staff to help bridge the gap.

  11. Ghana proved to be a formidable opponent against Italy. They tested the Italian defense. But one shouldn’t look down on the Czech Republic too. They played well tactically or maybe it is because USA is a weak team.
    What I want to know is how USA got its 5th ranking in the world of soccer.
    That is ridiculous.
    Group of Death? No way. Definitely Italy and Czech Republic will make it through the next round. But we must not underestimate Ghana either.

    So let’s see how it goes.

  12. Obviously the US team sucks and I’m not just talking about their skill level. Its one thing not to be as good as the other team it’s another thing to (essentially) not try/fight once they are down. It’s like going to the prom but not dancing. What’s the point? First off the US obviously needs a new coach. Even though the US players are not up to European standards this was the team he picked and groomed for many many years. Arena’s blaming the players after the defeat by name was just disgusting. Its one thing to say that they didn’t play as well as they could have its thing to pull the high school stunt that he did. The guy is just pathetic and should go coach an AYSO team and keep his mouth shut. The players who don’t want to step up and play with all their heart should be cut too. Landon Donovan’s behavior was embarrassing; unfortunately it’s not the first time he’s done this in a big international game. I’m an American and I would gladly support a team that lost by more if they would try to score, defend, or do anything to try to win. The American team that was out there last week was truly a bunch of losers. The USA was truly lucky it was only 3-0, it should have been much worse. I’m sure they’ll try a bit harder against Italy, wouldn’t take much, after the press they have been getting but I doubt the result will be much different. I hope they enjoy their trip to Europe because they’ll be coming home soon. Oh yeah the thing about them staying on the American base is just…stupid.
    Hopefully those in power will clean the slate when the team gets back and start from scratch.
    That game on Saturday was just sickening.
    How does US soccer expect to get a following when they field a team like that?
    Lastly American football does suck and is completely without soul.

  13. Yeahhh, I’ll buy that Scott.. .. But I have faith that we will not always play this poorly. I’ll be looking forward to our future national squad once Arena is gone.

    This Saturday, we’ll see new starters, and Johnson better be one of them. He has a heavy foot just waiting to be unleashed!

  14. All you censored have no clue. The US was shakey against the Czech Republic, I’ll admit it, but they played their hearts out agianst Italy and were robbed by poor (if not corrupt) officiating. Straight red for Maestroni’s late tackle!? The biggest compensation call of all time. How is that play even comprable the dirty wop elbow to McBride’s face? Pope’s second yellow may have been a rough tackle, but he hit ball first, watch the replays. And lastly, they took away our winning goal with the most antiquated rule in the book, obstruction by an offsides player, which I challenge anyone to tell me the last time it has been enforced in a World Cup. The bottom line is this: Italy is filthy (and rocked by scandal), Jorge Larrionda (the ref) was banned from the last cup for “gross inconsistencies”, and the US deserved a win more than any other team in the torunament. See you in the next round when we beat Ghana, if Italy can actually win a game (fairly).

  15. Well, after watching just a little bit of the World Cup I realized why most Americans could really give a shit about soccer. It’s just too boring to watch two teams maybe have 1 good scoring chance in 90 minutes of play. I’m not knocking the sport itself but as an american sports fan I have basketball, football,hockey and baseball to peak my interest. We are just not as exposed to soccer as other countries are. I talked to people who didnt even realize the World Cup was being played and that the USA had a team playing in it.

  16. I agree with Shaun…and yet with about everyone else, except those few who believe that American Football is the most popular among US Citizens. It’s not like they have traveling football teams that I’m aware of, as I’ve played Football for 6 years and soccer for 13 years…they’re are so many different leagues for soccer, traveling, competition, recreational, State level, and my team was placed 4 in the Nation. Believe me soccer is growing…very rapidly, and soon…USA wont suck anymore as more and more European coaches are being hired for the recruiting of Club soccer players who will eventually make it to pro.

  17. erog68 where do you live? Texas or something? You try playing soccer. Its a TON of fun, no one just knows about it or is exposed to it, just like you say. PS: please dont bring crusing into the forums =]

  18. you guys thought we were gonna smoke Ghana…what a joke. Those guys started playing since they were babes, we too did, but with our moms on our sides. we need to step out of our comfy zone…

  19. Dear Team USA:

    How to win the World Cup (eventually):

    (1) Get out of the CONCACAF – When your regular competition consists of powerhouses such as Panama, Jamaica, El Salvador, Canada, etc. – Well, you get the point….

    (2) Get rid of soccer moms – Until the game is played on the street in the “barrios” the U.S. will always get beat up by hungry men from poor countries like Ghana and Brazil (if you don’t believe me see the Brazilian movie “City of God.”)

    (3) Take all the money out of women’s soccer and put it into poor neighborhood soccer initiatives.

    (4) and, stop calling it SOCCER!


  21. is someone forcing u to watch JOHN REID?
    spoken like a true american retard

  22. you are a fucking piece of shit idiot john reid, soccer is the best sport ever,
    dont ever say something negative about soccer, or 4 billion people
    in this world are going to fucking personally beat the shit out of u

  23. Any sport that says don’t use your hands, Americans cannot play it. Any sport that doesn’t have endless commercial breaks to rest and consume your brain with advertising, Americans cannot play it. Any sport with no cheerleaders to make you horny while waiting for the players to come on the pitch, Americans cannot play it or watch it. Any sport where running non stop without thinking to one direction like Road Runner being chased by Will Coyote is not necessary, but dragging a ball with you in the process of running and then score to only get 1 goal, Americans don’t get it. They will never get it. Because they are americans. I bet you this. As a soccer player from african, european, asian, or caribbean, leaving in the US for more than 3 years will significantly destroy your talent. Believe me I have been living in New York for 5 years, but I am from Ivory Coast. The virus is here, you cannot escape it. That’s why every two years I go home back during the summer to feel the passion of football again, and restore my talent.

  24. ok, let me express to u why usa mens soccer team is always gonna be a sub par soccer team. It all has to do with politics and money, having played soccer all my life, its not hard to nitice that soccer here in the states is based on money. It starts from an early age kids when they are 13 years old are to tryout for a competive team, which is a good thing, even though at times it can be expensive but not to bad. This helps to develop younger kids skills and i believe its a good system, i feel that the problem is in the ODP formula “olympic development” this is where the usa soccer gets its cream of the crop and its just not the best we have to offer, its people with money and a few good kids mixed in. It just too expensive for some families to afford this type of play, i mean it cost 75 dollars just to tryout, and when u get there u see that the compitition isnt even to the callibar of competitive soccer, then after u make the team which trust me its not hard they want a 1000 dollars up front and then to some families cant afford that. So alot of our talent is left out off to the side, it needs to go back to the older days where the best players were called to the ODP team and then sponsored on a team, that way we could have the best players playin in this league, better pool of players to choose from. Here in the last few years they have started academys for mls teams which i think can be really benificial to the usa team if they dont base it on a money first kinda system get the best players there make it affordable to players.

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