3 Years in a Box

3 years in a box

The title of this blog post has a double meaning… it is actually something that I do quite a bit on my blog that only certain people know about. Even if the content of an entry does not have details about what the title exactly means to me, it is another level of diary for me when I look back. This one I feel I should explain.

Not only am I able to fit 3 years of history with a company in a box, but also I am finally out of the box I have been stuck for that same period of time. I have really never mentioned much about my company both out of respect and fear. I was always very afraid of speaking out about the issues I had to deal with every day. I relied heavily on coworkers for support and friendship and about a year ago I started to find out that the people I had been talking to were not to be trusted.

“Surprisingly” enough this has not been the first time were I have lost trust on the people around me in a company. Thank God this time I did have a group of people that I could call friends and trust. It made it easier to spend the time here after I had lost respect for some others. This is the only reason that I am extremely sad to leave this place.

I have no family in Michigan. I did develop relationships with people that I worked with and in many ways they became my family. Trust is something that I hold very high up almost next to respect, I don’t believe that it necessarily has to be earned with me, but if I lose trust on someone it can be a hard thing to get back. I have been able to now trust several people that I work with and it feels like nothing else.

However, I now have a new opportunity not one that I looked for since I truly believe that I could turn a lot of things around at the company I am leaving. I don’t feel like I am giving up trying because even as I leave I tried to make as many recommendations as I could to steer things towards the right path. This new opportunity is going to let me out of the box and truly exploit my potential to both my benefit and the company. I have not even started working there and I already feel more appreciated than I have felt for the past 3 years. It is a good feeling and hopefully one that keeps on growing.

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4 comments on “3 Years in a Box

  1. I like the hat that says “HAT” on it.

    but seriously, i’m glad to hear you’re already enjoying your new employer. I know how it feels to go from a job you’ve put years into and never feeling appreciated, to a new job where you feel the opposite. It’s good to feel like you matter to a company.

  2. Good luck in your new job! A friend say: “all the changes are good…” I’m not sure if that is true, but the changes can become a great opportunity.

  3. As one of the people that you worked with and got to know over the three years, I want you to know that I did truly enjoy getting to know you while you were here and then having the chance to get to know Aymi as well. Both of you will be missed by me.

    As I read your post and after conversations that we have had over the past few weeks, I feel like you really get that “Change is good,” but if you ever feel like you need to reinforce that feeling I have a book I would like to recommend. It is a fun read that made me really re-evaluate a lot of things in my life. The book is “Who Moved My Cheese.” If you decide to read it, you will have to let me know what you think of it.

    Keep in touch.

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