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My first visit to KC was quick. I was there to interview for a job and I came in and out getting to see only highways and the airport. What little I saw I liked. Even though KC is in the middle of the great flat lands of our nation it is surprisingly hilly. A lot more than what I have seen in IL or MI. My second visit was mainly to find a place to live, looked at various places but decided on something medium sized.

One of my biggest complains about Michigan has been that there is not a lot of great places to have a good meal. The Tri-City area (Saginaw, Midland and Bay City) is horrible when it comes to good restaurants. In my 3 years here I found one good Mexican chain (Los Cuatro), one good Italian restaurant (Villa Di Alexandro) and a couple of good Asian food places (Pi’s and Genji’s). There was other places to have a good meal but nothing that was a place I would want to come back to town and say, I have to stop at X for Y.

One weekend in KC and I already have places that I want to visit again. Besides the chains that I had missed, like Red Robin and Chipotle, KC has great BBQ places. Not only that but the Mexican food that I had at Baja 600 was outstanding. They had a freshly made guacamole that was almost sinful.

The architecture in KC is awesome. There is a mixture of styles all over the place that makes the city seem almost surreal. A lot of streets have statues right as you enter them, something I have never really seen before. There also seems to be an encouragement of artistic expression not confined to just the “Art center” of the town. Everywhere you look in KC you can see either fountains or sculptures.

A ten minute drive away from the city takes to wonderful open nature. The amount of trees all around is outstanding for a developed city. The birds seemed almost eager to come and greet you, even though they were just hanging around trying to pick up half eaten chips off the floor at the outdoor eating area. Cows, yea even the cows looked happy to see us visit their town.

The people in KC were very welcoming. They all seemed to be polite, respectful and willing to help you if you needed it. Everyone we talked to was very glad to have a conversation with us and talk about whatever topic we put in front of them. Not that everyone in Michigan is rude, but trying to hold a conversation with a stranger can be as difficult as trying to dodge the rain in an open field.

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  1. My sister was born in Kansas City. My dad was stationed at the Air Force base that used to be in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m not sure if it’s still there or not…I think it closed and then re-opened.

    My dad told me a story last year about how the city really embraced its military members….

    The Kansas City Chief, he told me, kept a section open for military members on Sundays…they’d get free tickets and the Chiefs would send a bus to pick up the miliatry who were on the base, living in barracks so they could go to the game.

    Not sure if they still do the same, but it’s enough to make me at least respect the Chiefs organization.

  2. Oh, if you think Baja 600 was good, just wait till you discover all the authentic mexican restaurants in the west bottoms. It’s enough to make your toes curl.

  3. Even the name Los Cuatro pisses me off. Numbers in articles and nouns must agree in Spanish…that’s a first-week-of-class kind of lesson. Los Cuatros.

  4. Moving is soooooooo much easier when you actually like the place you’re moving to! Sounds like you all have found the perfect place!

  5. LOL, Suebob, I happen to be fluent in Spanish and Los Cuatro is correct. Cuatro is a number, so Amigos ends up being the plural… Los Cuatro Amigos is correct.

  6. Oops Suebob…Logtar is correct…don’t forget he’s Colombian….
    Sounds really exciting your new life in KC.
    I also want to move to a nice place…I’m sick of where I am…I don’t want to hurt feelings…and maybe is not the city, it’s me….
    Anyway, if I tell you guys where I live, you will probably tell me I’m crazy…but yes, is not my type of city, that’s all…
    I like a lot of things about Miami…beautiful days almost everyday…but in the other hand, the hurricane season is not one of my favorites…which is….shoot…from June to November….
    Me and my husband want to explore new cities…for now we have to stay until we resolve our medical license…I have a good job and I cannot leave it like that…
    Anyway, sounds exciting!! I wish you the best…
    Espero q consigas por alla unas arepitas….si quieres las recetas de las arepas coste~as me dices….JAJAJ!!! Buena suerte!!!

  7. You like Chipotle? Ugh. I wish I could say I like that place, but it’s so yuppy it gives me the creeps. I totally enjoyed the pictures over there though. 😀 I’m glad you’ll be closer to Texas. Perhaps we can finally meet. I think that would be great. :)

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