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Sitting here waiting for my flight the Kansas City airport has free wireless so I am taking the chance to do a little Airport blogging.

I found a nice townhouse to live and got to visit a lot of neat places… more details to come :)

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8 comments on “Airport Blogging

  1. Yeah! Kansas City is awesome.

    I’m wondering what places you visited… did you do First Friday? Did you visit Westport? Surely you visited the Plaza…

    Welcome to my hometown. I love this place (expect for the heat and humidity, then notsomuch).

  2. Wifi wasn’t free in Minneapolis, but that didn’t keep me from making it free. Glad to know that some airports allow you to connect without a credit card.

  3. John, I am happy to hear that the three of you had a good trip to KC. I looked at the calendar today and realized that it isn’t much longer until you are gone. Maybe we can do Los Quatro Amigo before you go?

  4. I think I have more bloggers in KC than anywhere else. Let me know if you want any of their links:) Glad you enjoyed yourself and think you might like it there.

  5. lol…that’s great. Last year, while in the waiting room in El Salvador, I was able to access the internet through their Wi-Fi too.

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