Logtar interviews!

Michael and I had so much fun doing the interview podcast that I have decided to do a whole interview series in Podcast form. If you would like to be interviewed send me an e-mail and download Skype. Skype is a great VoIP software that is free for computer to computer calls. All you need is a high speed connection, a puter and a headset… even though a mic and headphones would also do the job. I do not recommend using speakers because they tend to create feedback. Also, if you have any subjects that you would like me to talk about, feel free to let me know, I will also do other podcasts!

Logtar’s 100 Must see films

We all have seen the list of the best 100 films by this group or that group. Heck I even did a whole post about it. The problem with those lists is that a lot of those movies were made before I was even born. Recently we watched The Neverending Story, one of my favorite kids films of all time. While the special effects are a little outdated.

Recently I bumped into this post by Karolczak (Its pronounced like Carol and Check put together!) and again, after seeing the list that Jim Emerson put together I wondered, don’t we have better films in our life time?

After pondering this for a while I want to come up with my own list of must see films, and well because of my age group I will probably include mostly 80s and 90s films. These are going to be the Logtar’s 100 must see films :) and better yet, lets make it a meme! So grab the list and put an asterix or bold the movies that you have seen… post them in your blog and start the virus… don’t forget to comment, linkback and trackback! and of course share with others!

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
The Terminator
The Matrix
Saving Private Ryan
Sin City
Full Metal Jacket
The Bookdock Saints
Charlie’s Angels
Batman Begins
The Last Samurai
Demolition Man
Kick Boxer
Enter the Dragon

The Shining
The Sixth Sense
A Nightmare On Elm Street
The Exorcist

A Christmas Story
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
The Lion King
Toy Story
The Incredibles
The Karate Kid
The Neverending Story
Pirates of the Caribbean
Ice Age

Rain Man
The Shawshank Redemption
Schindler’s List
Hotel Rwanda
Million Dollar Baby
Cinderella Man
Interview with the Vampire
The Godfather Trilogy
Jerry Maguire
Good Will Hunting
Blood in Blood Out
Two for the Money
The Devil’s Advocate

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The Blues Brothers
Practical Magic
Wedding Crashers
How To lose a guy in 10 days
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Dumb and Dumber
There’s Something About Mary
Meet The Parents
Miss Congeniality
The Wedding Singer
50 First Dates
The Evil Dead
Top Secret

Pulp Fiction
The Usual Suspects
The Silence of the Lambs
Fight Club
Reservoir Dogs
American History X
The Green Mile
V for Vendetta
The Craft
The Game
The Net
The Bourne Identity
Ocean’s Eleven

La Vita è bella (Life is Beautiful)
Cidade de Deus (City of God)
Lola rennt (Run Lola Run)
Ying xiong (Hero)
Wo hu cang long (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
Le Pacte des loups(Brotherhood of the Wolf)
Diarios de motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries)
El Crimen del Padre Amaro (The Crime of Father Amaro)
Amores Perros (Love is a Bitch)
Kôkaku kidôtai (Ghost in the Shell)

Wasteful Society

This morning besides road rage guy being behind me again, in a brand new Monte Carlo none-the-less, I was amazed by a story on the news. A family was kicked out of an all you can eat restaurant in Iowa.

Now, the first thought that came to mind is that the family, like some others I have heard about, spent 2 or 3 hours there eating more than their share. Nothing wrong with that, its an all you can eat place and well if you pay, why not. To my surprise, as the story was being told, they were actually kicked out for taking food, then a little bite and throwing the whole plate away.

What amazed me was not that this happens, but that the DJs on the radio were actually defending the family behavior. Their position was that they paid for the all you can eat buffet, so they should be able to get as much food and do with it as they pleased. What was even more amazing to me was the wacky DJs then switched to having people call in with stories of stealing food from an all you can eat buffet.

I am not sure if anyone of you has ever done this, I honestly cannot remember ever stuffing my pockets with egg rolls. I do however respect someone that does that a little more than someone that throws food away.

The family’s defense was the following…

”They told us we are not welcome there anymore,” said Dershem, a repeat customer at the Dragon House buffet. ”We waste too much food. But the buffet is all you can eat. And you know kids. They won’t always eat everything, and they want something else.”

The all you can eat restaurant replied with this…

“Shes done that too many times,” Cao said. “We would welcome her back if she has respect and knows what she wants.”

The people from the restaurant had observed the family on previous trips and this seemed to be a common occurrence. I do know kids, and yes they can be very wasteful in an all you can eat buffet, but after the first time in a new place I believe they know what they like and don’t. It is also the parent’s responsibility to either limit the kids on what they take or actually go serve their kids plate. I don’t agree with the free for all kids are kids, lets take four egg rolls eat half of one and waste the rest.

I worked at the fast food restaurant with the golden arches for a number of years. It was when I first moved to the US and was still learning the culture here. It was hearth breaking to me to see how much food was being wasted there every day when I came from a place where food was only thrown away if it was spoiled. There was always a neighbor or a less fortunate person that would get the food if my family could not eat it. One of my managers told me once to not make such a big deal, was I going to take the food to the starving kids in Africa?

Wasting food has always been something that bothers me. As I moved up at the restaurant I made sure that towards the end of the night or a food change, less and less food was prepared so the food wasting was kept to a minimum. It was good for profits and the owners liked it. Actually the restaurant is set up to do that very efficiently, but lazy people would prepare extra food so if we had a rush there would always be enough. I obviously don’t work there anymore, but I am still very mindful of food wasting.

One of the things that I always heard my family said when they came back to Colombia to visit and I was still living there was that the US was a disposable society. Everything was to be used and disposed of. I did not fully understand their statement until I moved here. We compromise so many things for the sake of convenience. I am not implying that the restaurant owner here was doing it because he does not believe in wasting food or is an advocate for ending world hunger. For all I know his main concern is the bottom line. The statement that makes me almost believe other wise is the one that has the word respect. I just wish that as a society it would not be ok to take a full plate of food and waste it.

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Futbol is King

With the Germany Soccer World Cup only 35 days away, I have been wanting to give everyone around me the soccer fever.  I seem to be late to the party because thanks to viral videos (The Numa Numa guy, The real Life Simpsons, Robot Dancing Guy, StarWars Kid) and YouTube it seems everyone is addicted to soccer. 

If you have not had the chance to see Ronaldinho’s Nike commercial, you are obviously not up to date with your virus videos.  You can also watch this funny spoof on the real commercial, which to me is impressive, in an interview Ronaldinho said that only one of the shots agains the pole was fake.  Another Ronaldinho video I love is the one of him as a kidRonaldinho is a very talented Brazilian soccer player, that plays for no other than my favorite soccer team in the world Barça (FC Barcelona).

There have also been other excellent soccer commercials.  Here are my favorites from Pepsi, or as Travis and I like to call it Vitamin P!

Soccer vs Sumo

Soccer vs Surfing

Banned Pepsi Commercial

I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did, and hopefully the soccer bug is starting to catch on! because futbol is King!

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New home page

I bet most of you have never been to my main domain Logtar[dot]com. If you did not see the last iteration you are out of luck because I just redesigned it. It is not as “flashy” as I wanted it to be. I ended up staying with the minimalistic approach of just presenting the information. If you have been coming to my blog for a while you would know that the current design is the busiest that I have had so far. So go take a look and let me know what you think! If nothing else snoop for my resume or just find the guestmap and stick a flag on it!