Mission: Impossible III (****)

You can say all you want about Tom Cruise, he might be an alien wannabe scientologist, Oprah killing, “Coo-Coo” for Cocoa Puffs, and the list goes on; but he is a darn good actor and I don’t think anyone can play a better Ethan Hunt. This movie really earned the non stop action term to qualify a movie.

M:I II was mediocre even though it had a great director. I did not think this movie was going to blow me away the way it did. The special effects were done in a way that they helped the story and did not take center stage. The supporting characters were also great but the story centered around a love story for a now “retired” Hunt.

I had hoped that Philip Seymour Hoffman was going to steal the movie, but even though his performance was ok, it was Cruise’s movie from the beginning. Cruise made me believe that he was in love, he made me believe he cared for his team, he even made me believe that he fought for what he believe above all.

I really cannot complain about this movie, the locations were all excellent. The tech was very believable. The explosions looked real. The only thing I can say is, go to the movies and see it on the big screen, it is worth your money.

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Mission:Impossible III.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother is a more than just a word
It’s a meaning that encapsulates
the blessings that wisely the lord
knew we would need forever

A Mother is strength and love
A Mother is warm and tender
A Mother shows unconditional love
A Mother never surrenders

A man can only wish to express
as much love as a Mother has in her heart
a man does not have the tenderness
that a Mother is born with from the start

The light that a Mother brings
into a child’s life
can only be compared
with the light she brings as a wife

I’m lucky to be surrounded
by many loving Mothers
It’s a gift that I don’t take for granted
And something I wish for others
Happy Mother’s Day

Logtar’s Podcast 16 – Interview with Barry

Logtar interviews Barry from Inn of the Last Home.

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Show Notes
Michael (Big Orange Michael)
The Kat House
Hit Coffee
The Bleat (Post)

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Bloggiversary Post
I AM: Meme

100 Must See Movies

Theather Thursday
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Blazing Saddles
Green Lantern Rumors
Six Flags
Disney Epcot
Drangon Lance

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HNT – Belly

You have been warned. Clicking on the link for this picture might permanently scar you mentally to the point of no return… so proceed with caution when you look at my belly.

I guess today is also the Anniversary of HNT (Half Nekked Thrusday) so Obasso is asking for the very first entry… here is mine.

I AM: A Meme

Found at Berry’s

I AM: Typing a meme.

I WANT: to create a timewarp so I can do everything I want to do Saturday.

I WISH: for an end to world hunger.

I HATE: the fact that I never have enough time.

I MISS: My Grandpa.

I HEAR: ringing in my ear.

I WONDER: why my methabolis was not Y2K compliant.

I REGRET: not spending more time with my GrandPa as an adult.

I AM NOT: hungry for a change.

I DANCE: Salsa and Merengue.

I SING: to my people on the left.

I CRY: more as an adult than as a child.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: mindful of chores.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: tasty dishes.

I WRITE: on my blog.

I CONFUSE: too many words in English to list.

I NEED: to start my own business.

I SHOULD: get more serious about working out.

I START: doing DDR every single morning.

I FINISH: last, because good guys finish last.

I TAG: the usual suspects. (Stealing this from my buddy Barry… lets see who considers themselves a usual suspect.)