Blind Readers?

Have you ever considered the fact that blind people might be reading your blog? What about the fact that if you have some of the spam authorization modules that require you to look at a picture and type what you see would stop any blind reader from ever commenting on your site?

I have resisted the urge to implement spam protection on my site. Even thought I get thousands of spam comments a week, I have been able to use some of the wordpress pluggins to prevent or at least minimize the nuisance of dealing with spam comments.

Word verification spam filter have always annoyed me. To be honest until I read an article about how blind readers are pretty much left without a means to comment on the blogs I had never considered that side of things. As the ones of you that have been reading for a while know I took an ASL class and I am very interested on the hearing impaired world… when I started my podcast, it was one of the things I considered… I never want to alienate any of my readers. However I never even thought of the visually impaired.

Most people with disabilities do not feel sorry for themselves and I believe we should not either. However, I believe that being considerate has nothing to do with pity. I think that we should all be aware of what readers we do have and make sure we are not alienating any of them.

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Awesome Weekend

Friday has to be kept a little secret for now, but believe me I will talk about it in the near future 😉

Saturday was a very busy day, I was dead tired from Friday, but a lot needed to be done.  A group of people from the place I work at participated on the Cancer fundraiser, Relay for life.  Our team theme was fishing for a cure, and well I volunteered to get the fish… I just did not remember that this was also the weekend that tons of other things were going on.

My Great Uncle and his wife had driven all the way from Chicago to see me!  He called me when he was on the driveway.  It was an awesome suprise and they got to spend Saturday night and Sunday here!

Palabras de mi Abuelo – Words from my Grandfather

English Version

Hoy me llego por correo una revista publicada por la empresa en la que trabajo mi abuelo. La revista es de 1987 y contiene un articulo que escribio mi abuelo. El siguiente es un pedazo que quiero compartir con ustedes…

Debo dominar con plena conciencia la energia emocional.

No acepto en mi la inseguridad.

Debo esperar siempre lo mejor en lo que me dedico, debo caracterizarme siempre por hacer sentir respeto.

el tiempo es…

…demasiado lento para los que esperan.

…demasiado rapido para los que temen.

…demasiado largo para los que sufren.

…demasiado corto para los que gozan.

Pero para aquellos que son responsables, siempre encontraran en su vida

… un buen tiempo.

Antonio J. Guzman

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Elephants and Grass

“When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled”
-African Proverb quotes

Proverbs are very powerful ways to transmit knowledge from generation to generation. While formal education is the way that most of us get our knowledge, I believe story telling and proverbs are still relevant and important.

This African proverb makes me think of our current situation quite a bit. I could talk about politics, but I have the feeling other people are already having their fill of that. One of the news stories that has been resonating lately is the Enron trial.

I am not sure whose fault it ultimately was. What I am sure of is that a lot of little people ended up suffering loses that changed their lives. Same thing is happening locally with Delphi and the UAW. Again more elephants fighting and more grass getting trampled.

I could speculate as to know is right and wrong on the issues. I think that our society is becoming a sad place if we have to get our politics from Jon Stewart or Rush Limbaugh instead of making our own minds up. Politics used to be boring, the morning shows would never pay that much attention, but lately it looks like a circus. The morning show is full of politicians talking about the issues.

Reporters are scared to do their jobs. Journalism has become a game where credibility is not one of the pillar but just a goal. Again in the end we are the ones that lose because in the information age we are feed philosophy instead of letting us come up with our own. We have become birds that wait to be feed regurgitated news. Opinions and commentary are important, but they are worth nothing unless we are still getting the actual news from somewhere in an unfiltered way. It is time to stop being grass and begin making those elephants accountable.

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Logtar’s Podcast 17 – Interview with Dan Lacher

Logtar Interviews Sun Developer Dan Lacher!

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Midland Mac Users Group

Sun’s New CEO

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