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Say what you want about religion, say what you want about Christianity… the reality of the situation when it comes to faith for me is that I believe that Jesus was a pretty important person in Human history and that his message of love is one that should be followed. I want to start an online bible study of sorts… while it would be centered around the bible persay (a passage every Saturday) I want to approach it from an intellectual, practical and debate level rather than theological… so without any more talk, lets enter into the first Bible Saturday. The bible was chosen not to isolate any other religions, but as the book that I grew up reading for spiritual guidence as a child it is the one I am most familiar way. I am open to sugestions if you want to participate and give us other topics, they will be welcomed!

“My message shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distil as the dew, as the light rain upon the tender grass, and as the showers upon the herb. ”
-Passage Deuteronomy 32:2

The Bible is a powerful book, it is the biggest seller in history. It is refered to as the message, the word. What makes you think that a book can hold this much power?

Personally I have found the bible to be a great resource for confort. When I have had difficult times in my life I have been able to open a bible up and just read it to find wisdom. The cool thing for me is that it allows me to interpret the message in a very personal way. Can you think of any other object that can bring this kind of confort guidence and reassurance?

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  1. I love the bible, too. You are right. There is no other object that bring “this kind of comfort guidance and reassurance”. I especially love being able to read it in two languages. I get a slightly different translation that way, at times. Say an old spanish La reinaria valeria or an english king james. Comparing and contrasting can be interesting. Try it. Sometimes their the same and sometimes they are slightly different. Strange. Que extraño, verdad? Las differencias entre las dos tipos de biblias. También es interesante. Un tema considerar posibly sea “Que hizó El Jesus por nosotros.” Otra sea Y porque lo hizó. I will study with you, if you like. 😀

  2. No, there is no object on this earth that gives me the assurance that the bible gives. On the other hand, it also makes me angry because it was written from a sexist standpoint and legitimizes the “places” of women. I was raised a conservative Lutheran, but a lot has changed for me, and I won’t accept the oppression of women in the bible or against gays as legitimate. I get plenty of flack from my friends about that too.

  3. I agree with you about the Bible. I was raised as a Catholic, in an very traditional Colombian-Italian know what I mean.
    Religion is a very important part in my life, it made me the person I am, the way I feel and act; I don’t agree with everything in my church, but I think that if you follow the main principles and if you are a good person that’s what counts.
    I think that all humans are the same under God’s eyes, it is not important the color of the skin, the sexual orientation or religion…

  4. In the past, I read the bible. But now, I am a little disappointed with this book because I can see a lot incongruities among the new and old testament. I think the bible content was filtered by humans interested in the control of the religion world. It’s just my opinion.

  5. I mostly agree with Omar about the hands of man working their worst on the scriptures, but it should be born in mind that any translation, even with the best of intentions, is going to suffer, unless you’re going to argue that the Esperanto Bible is divinely inspired too…
    Anyway, I don’t think any of that really needs to bear on your feelings towards the bible and its messages. I find many of the stories inspirations, indeed comforting, and utterly fascinating.

  6. April, I don’t necessarily see the bible as being written from a sexist standpoint. I think it was more the culture of the day that was that way. As a matter of fact, Jesus was “radical” in his time because of the importance that he placed on women. :)

    I don’t believe in the oppression of women either. But I also know that men and women were created differently for a reason and each has their own roles in life to fill. It is a balance that makes things work.

  7. I dunno… My Nintendo gives me a lot of the satisfaction that you refer to.

    But seriously, the Bible is a good book. I’ve read it a few times. I am sure much of it is romanticized and lost in translation, but the general idea is clear. I may be an Atheist, but I am not a militant one. I am not damaged goods. I actually respect religion. It is, in fact, our First freedom offered in the Constitution. Too many people forget that.

  8. I heard a great story once. When the Gallaleian (sp?) theory of the universe was rejected by the church, Catholic sailors approached the church and said something like “Your Holiness, we understand that you reject this model… but the thing is that using us helps us navigate the waters and makes us better at what we do.”

    To which the Pope responded, “If this theory helps you then use it. Just don’t believe in it.”

    There have been various times when Bible and the Jesus I was raised to believe in have waded me through some very difficult waters. I can’t say that I’ve truly believe in it since I investigated the repercussions of Noah’s Ark at a pretty young age. I can’t say that the Bible, the Church, or Christianity have been much use to me lately, but I can’t help but admire what it does for others. The Bible (and the Book of Mormon) helped my boss come to grips with the death of his three-day old child a year or so ago and remain spiritually energized. Anything that can accomplish that can’t be all bad.

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