Blind Readers?

Have you ever considered the fact that blind people might be reading your blog? What about the fact that if you have some of the spam authorization modules that require you to look at a picture and type what you see would stop any blind reader from ever commenting on your site?

I have resisted the urge to implement spam protection on my site. Even thought I get thousands of spam comments a week, I have been able to use some of the wordpress pluggins to prevent or at least minimize the nuisance of dealing with spam comments.

Word verification spam filter have always annoyed me. To be honest until I read an article about how blind readers are pretty much left without a means to comment on the blogs I had never considered that side of things. As the ones of you that have been reading for a while know I took an ASL class and I am very interested on the hearing impaired world… when I started my podcast, it was one of the things I considered… I never want to alienate any of my readers. However I never even thought of the visually impaired.

Most people with disabilities do not feel sorry for themselves and I believe we should not either. However, I believe that being considerate has nothing to do with pity. I think that we should all be aware of what readers we do have and make sure we are not alienating any of them.

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6 comments on “Blind Readers?

  1. They are fortunate enough not to have to look at your ugly mug. I guess there are benefits.

    You do bring up a good point though. Have you ever taken into consideration how hard it is for deaf people to listen to your podcasts? Or how much extra work it takes for the left-handed readers to move that mouse all the way to the right side when clicking Submit? It’s a travesty. Something should be done!!!

    Fortunately, I am just joking. Liberals actually think that way. Scary.

  2. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who gets bombarded with these pesty spam mail…lol. Interesting point about our readers.

  3. Okay. Good point. So now would you please write an article on how to make our wordpress blogs more handicap accessible? It would be a big help. 😀

  4. Coding for the sight-impaired makes sense on a number of levels. When your site is indexed by search engines and such, it’s being read by something that cannot see the pictures. When your site isn’t fully-accessible by the sight-impaired, you’re turning away what could be a rather large prospective audience (some studies claim that as many as 10% of people have impaired vision).

    As for a blind-people-friendly comment spam deterrent, you might want to check out WP-hashcash. The majority of spambots out there don’t waste processor time on running javascript, and it’s effectively invisible to real visitors (presuming they have javascript enabled, which the vast majority of browsers do).

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