Awesome Weekend

Friday has to be kept a little secret for now, but believe me I will talk about it in the near future 😉

Saturday was a very busy day, I was dead tired from Friday, but a lot needed to be done.  A group of people from the place I work at participated on the Cancer fundraiser, Relay for life.  Our team theme was fishing for a cure, and well I volunteered to get the fish… I just did not remember that this was also the weekend that tons of other things were going on.

My Great Uncle and his wife had driven all the way from Chicago to see me!  He called me when he was on the driveway.  It was an awesome suprise and they got to spend Saturday night and Sunday here!

2 comments on “Awesome Weekend

  1. Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle . . . your GREAT Uncle stopped by? That’s freaking awesome! Must have been exciting. 😀 Tell the little man “congratulations” for me, will ya?

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