Logtar’s Podcast 16 – Interview with Barry

5 Responses to Logtar’s Podcast 16 – Interview with Barry

  1. This was great. I even had to leave about 1/3 of the way through it and I paused it and came back later. Very enjoyable—I’ll be visiting you both again.

  2. Just a thought: the music at the beginning is way too loud (with regards to the volume of the voices). In the future I would adjust the volume of different parts to make sure the whole podcast can be pleasantly heard at the same volume.

    You definitely have an accent, Logtar!

  3. Hey now! I only got 20 minutes to ramble on about stuff…..

    Good interview. Very insightful and well done by both of you.

    And funnily enough, between the two of you, you mention Dr Who at least three times…:)

  4. whats up man it me shaq well just writing to say hi but me I think that vegeta and trunks are cool when I was surfing the web I found a cool trunk ss4 pic it was awsome. I was wondering have you seen broly the legendary super saiyan1-3 its a cool movie
    I even got a.p to see it her favorite character is trunks so I will chat with u later.


  5. Thanks for dropping by my blgo but I think you made a mistake with your comment.

    You posted “that pork sounds tasty in the Plush post” and not the “Friday Feast” post. For a minute I thought you were insinuating that my son was a pig.

    Just letting you know.

    Your podcasts sounds good though.

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