I AM: A Meme

Found at Berry’s

I AM: Typing a meme.

I WANT: to create a timewarp so I can do everything I want to do Saturday.

I WISH: for an end to world hunger.

I HATE: the fact that I never have enough time.

I MISS: My Grandpa.

I HEAR: ringing in my ear.

I WONDER: why my methabolis was not Y2K compliant.

I REGRET: not spending more time with my GrandPa as an adult.

I AM NOT: hungry for a change.

I DANCE: Salsa and Merengue.

I SING: to my people on the left.

I CRY: more as an adult than as a child.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: mindful of chores.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: tasty dishes.

I WRITE: on my blog.

I CONFUSE: too many words in English to list.

I NEED: to start my own business.

I SHOULD: get more serious about working out.

I START: doing DDR every single morning.

I FINISH: last, because good guys finish last.

I TAG: the usual suspects. (Stealing this from my buddy Barry… lets see who considers themselves a usual suspect.)

9 comments on “I AM: A Meme

  1. Well… don’t think I would fall under the Usual Suspects… but I’m gonna copy it anyway.

    Dankie! / Thanks!

  2. When I was a kid, there was a show about a girl who was half alien/half human and she had the ability to stop time. While time was stopped, she could also touch someone who would “enter” stopped time with her.

    That’s totally the super power I want.

  3. para que vea que el clan no lo abandona, pero es que algunos no hacemos memes y nos da mamera leer y/o escribir en ingl├ęs…


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