Futbol is King

With the Germany Soccer World Cup only 35 days away, I have been wanting to give everyone around me the soccer fever.  I seem to be late to the party because thanks to viral videos (The Numa Numa guy, The real Life Simpsons, Robot Dancing Guy, StarWars Kid) and YouTube it seems everyone is addicted to soccer. 

If you have not had the chance to see Ronaldinho’s Nike commercial, you are obviously not up to date with your virus videos.  You can also watch this funny spoof on the real commercial, which to me is impressive, in an interview Ronaldinho said that only one of the shots agains the pole was fake.  Another Ronaldinho video I love is the one of him as a kidRonaldinho is a very talented Brazilian soccer player, that plays for no other than my favorite soccer team in the world Barça (FC Barcelona).

There have also been other excellent soccer commercials.  Here are my favorites from Pepsi, or as Travis and I like to call it Vitamin P!

Soccer vs Sumo

Soccer vs Surfing

Banned Pepsi Commercial

I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did, and hopefully the soccer bug is starting to catch on! because futbol is King!

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6 comments on “Futbol is King

  1. It is important that you get your daily dose of Vitamin P. I get major headaches when I am vitamin deficient.

    I think the recommended daily allowance is at least 3 cans. Though, I just love the 14oz. ones.

  2. SOCCER IS THE BOMB!! I’m such a soccer nut, and this year is the year of all years, least till four years from now, and then that year will be the year of all years and then four years after that will be the year of all years! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s only larger than World Series and Super Bowl all wrapped up into one, FIFA World Cup.

    Logtar, check this out 😉 It’s a flash count down bro. I have a link to it on my site.

    My brother and I are pretty much addicted to Sky Sports (digital cable) it’s basically soccer news and games all day long. We watch Barclay Premier League (UK), La Liga (Spain), Italian, Argentine and Mexican Leagues. That channel is awesome! Oh and as for commercials, you can get your fubol needs taken care of at they have quite a bit of great ones from all over the world.

  3. football ruleZ. brazil is the giant. can hardly wait for june. ronaldo is my favorite player. chelsea is my favorite team. nothing left to say.

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