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I bet most of you have never been to my main domain Logtar[dot]com. If you did not see the last iteration you are out of luck because I just redesigned it. It is not as “flashy” as I wanted it to be. I ended up staying with the minimalistic approach of just presenting the information. If you have been coming to my blog for a while you would know that the current design is the busiest that I have had so far. So go take a look and let me know what you think! If nothing else snoop for my resume or just find the guestmap and stick a flag on it!

7 comments on “New home page

  1. Are u kidding me? I’m a Logtar fan, of course I’ve been to, and I’ve even read your resume.

  2. What a nerd 😛 I know, cuz I can smell my own . LOL That was cool bro. One of these days, as true nerds do, we are going to have to compaire resumes :-)

  3. While I enjoy the content of, I would love to see a complete revamp on the entire website/blog.

  4. Love it! Reminds me of my hubby’s site. Very minimal, but always informative and easy to navigate. I love Cielo’s new look!!

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