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After my encounter with the Geek Squad I decided that I would provide some computer help. First I want to start by saying that if your computer is messed up after you attempt to fix it I am neither liable nor responsible. :)

With that out of the way I want to start with some simple tips on how to make your computer run better.

When was the last time you Defragged? If you answered, never, a while ago, or why are you talking about cheese? we have a problem. No my advice is not going to be go and defrag right now… actually you need to do a little clean up first.

Most users install tons of useless applications on their PCs. Most of them never get used, some of them should not even be installed. Even though downloading music online seems like the reason we have computers, it should not be. P2P software is an open door for malware (viruses, spyware, adware). Other applications are also very bad for your computer performance. Anything that will make your desktop cute, or change all the time comes with a price. Windows XP is pretty nice and lets you see how long it has been since you used a piece of software and even lets you sort by that criteria. The software removal has become a lot better than the old days when uninstalling a piece of software could spell doom for your machine.

Head over to your control panel and look for add or remove programs. Chose from the list every single piece of software you don’t use. It is taking valuable real state in your computer. You might think I have 80gig, but in reality your disk might have to be reading all over just to use that latest application that you are using every day. After removing all of the software you don’t use anymore then go ahead and run the defrag. One word of caution, if while removing the software you get a message talking about common files, as a good measure, go ahead and leave them there.

Defragging for those of you not in the know is like reorganizing your book case. You take all the old books you never use and put them on the shelf that is hardest to reach and places your dictionary or that cooking book on the shelf that is closest to you. It is just that instead of your book case it does this to your hard drive.

If you have never defragged before, you can find the little useful program over at programs, accessories, system tools. Now do not panic if the program tells you that you have problems with your hard drive. If the program starts complaining about clusters and bad sectors, let it fix it. If the program tells you that you need to run scandisk before continuing do so. If the defrag does not complain and it finishes I assure you that you will see performance increase in you Personal Confuser.

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9 comments on “Logtar Fixes your computer!

  1. thank you for the wishes…nice of you….i’ll pass it on as soon as they get back from school…
    so you are getting married soon i read…well, i hope you and Cielo (what a beautiful name) have a wonderful life together…the best of wishes…

  2. Something else worth mentioning is cleaning out your cache and temporary internet files. Those are big space wasters as well. I use Webroot’s Window Washer for that and I have been for years…I love it! I zeroed out my stats awhile ago so now my new running total of space saved is 4.0 GB! It’s amazing how much crap your computer stores just from surfing the net!

  3. Yes, I find that the majority of problems are reduced when a user deletes the Internet cache and the TEMP folder in the user profile.

    Easiest way to clean your TEMP location is as follows:

    Start > Run. Type %TEMP% and click OK. This will bring up your designated Windows temporary file. Delete everything in this directory, files and folders included. If any files are currently in use and can’t be deleted, just ignore them and continue deleting around them.

    As for temporary Internet files, you should clean those out from IE Internet Properties. You should also reduce the amount of space that it is given. Usually it is set to 5% of the drive. I generally set mine to 1mb (or the lowest setting.)

    And as an added bonus, you should probably manually run a check disk every so often. You’d be surprised how many things are broken in your Windows index files.

    Go to Start > Run and type CMD and click OK. This will launch your Command prompt. Type CHKDSK /F and hit Enter. It will say the drive is locked and should it check on next reboot. Type Y at the prompt. Then reboot. Check disk will run when Windows restarts. You can check your event logs afterwards to see what it fixed afterwards.

    Doing these little steps in addition to a defrag can really extend the life of your hard drive and help prevent many unexplainable application errors. It’s something any average person can do without fear of breaking something.

  4. Thanks for reminding me about that… I thought about it but forgot to post about it. It is an excellent thing to do before you defrag… get rid of that cache! and yes like Travis said, set it to really low… you don’t need a big cache now a days with broadband.

  5. Buy a Powerbook! Forget all your “slave” like needs to Windows! Break your bonds of depression to that bewitching operating system and set yourself free!

  6. Lol, screw that. Apple… don’t trust it yet no matter how pretty it looks on the outside or inside. I definately feel more at ease with a PC. What I don’t like about apple, is how if someone breaks in an Apple, you have to replace it with Apple parts.

  7. Actually apples have come a long way, and a macbookpro can actually run XP. Seen it and it is awesome. The only reason I don’t have an apple is because I don’t have the money to buy one 😉

  8. Buying an Apple to run Windows is like… well…

    There is no comparison. It’s just dumb. I’m actually quite tired of the Anti-Microsoft and Anti-Intel crowd. What is the big deal anyway? What is all the anger about? Just a bunch of sheep. Sad.

  9. I’m not anti MicroSucks… :)

    The macbookpro is a pretty sweet machine and apples OS and development tools are something that I really want to look at. I just love exploring the technological landscape. I do respect staying inside of the the Gates kingdom :)

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