Why do immigrants come here illegally?

Many people would argue that the reason so many illegal immigrants come to this country is because they are poor to begin with and our system is flawed not letting the poor people in. I think the real reason for the illegal immigration problem is a simple economics 101 topic. Supply and Demand.

Millions of people come to this country because America is addicted to cheap labor. We have seen a lot of jobs shipped overseas to satisfy corporate America’s addition to cheap labor. It is a drug that our corporate backbone cannot live without… or can it?

There are plenty of other rich countries in the world. In fact there are a lot of countries that have a more liberal political structure, better welfare and even a better happiness index. But why are illegal immigrants not flooding these countries? There are no jobs there for people that do not go there legally.

I am sick and tired of this whole topic. I am tired of hearing the half researched, CNN or FoxNews, told me so arguments. The solution to this problem is simple. If you truly want America to get rid of illegal immigration you have 3 simple steps.

One, send corporate America to rehab so they can get over the need for cheap labor. Not just illegal but also outsourcing to other countries. How? Simple, make fines so steep that the cheap labor would never offset them.

Two, introduce legislation streamlining naturalization for the people that are already in the country. Give a deadline for everyone to register as a guest worker, give them an Social Security Card so they can start paying taxes.

Tree, deny all government services to anyone that is not in the country legally. After a certain date, deportation would not be to the border, or country of origin. I cannot resist introducing a little humor. We are nice people, sun, sand and a pair of sandals. Lets send everyone that is here illegally to a nice place like Iran.

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  1. Heheheh, according to Carlos Mencias we all look the same as them, so we’d blend in perfectly, plus we know how to cross borders 😉

  2. You forgot to add “throw the people who hire illegals in jail” and “seize the assets of companies that hire illegal workers.” No social security number should mean “no job”.

    As to where we should deport illegals… Mexico is fine. Just drop them off in Tapachula (Mexico’s southernmost city). Right on the border of Guatemala.

    “I have a license to kill -9”

  3. Hehe, Lovin’ it. Vi en FOX News, que desafortunadamente lelga aquí este dato: 70% de los inmigrantes son Mexicanos. (Lo que en verdad quisieron decir era: 70% de los inmigrantes son Latinoamericanos o hispanoparlantes) Le dejo ahí no más.

  4. People don’t come here legally because we have some rather unrealistic quotas for how many immigrants can come from specific countries. This was in part a backlash from the massive influx of filthy Catholics from Ireland and Italy, though other minorities were similarly despised at the time. This is compounded by a grossly-inefficient bureaucracy that can’t keep up with the applications.

    As for working without a Social Security number, it’s really quite easy to just… make one up and get a legitimate job. How did you prove to your boss that you’re in the United States legally? You filled out a piece of paper.

  5. Every single job that I have applied to required two forms of identification and one of the perferred ones is a SS card. That is not to say that they can be forged…

  6. My little brother, who is autistic, had the IRS beating down his door over unfiled tax returns and unpaid taxes. He is incapable of working or living by himself and it took my mom quite some time to straighten the mess out. They said there was a high possibility someone just “made up” a number, but it happened to be his.

  7. You raise a very good point with the outsourcing and putting rules on it. It’s a catch-22 with the fundamentals of our free market economy. The thing of it is that most countries have more strict immigration policies and no one is challenging them on that point.

  8. Why do they go there illegally? Well they are willing to risk it all just to have a share in the American dream – the so called land of milk and honey. What I don’t understand is how come someone is willing to work 3 jobs just to make ends meet in America of all places yet back in their places of origin they would just bum around. I guess it all boils down to poverty, no job opportunities, economic instability and political turmoil. – Major problem which all contribute to a dissatisfied populace who have had enough and would risk being an illegal immigrant rather than face starvation. A sad situation but a harsh reality!

  9. I never thought about it this way. I was one of those people who believed that it was because the immigrant’s country sucked. This put a whole new thought in my head. I have read that there was going to be a “Day with Immigrants” but when I looked at the pictures I could not belive it was New York. It was practically empty. So these immigrants are helpful.

  10. You know what you guys? Put yourself in their place. Imagine if you had no where to get a job and you had a family to support. Your children were starving. Wouldn’t you go to another country if you had to to seek a job to feed your children? Yes, I know that they should come here legally, but I have researched that topic and found that it is nearly impossible to get a visa if you are not specially trained in some area of work. So, for the thousands of immigrants who want to come to America to better themselves and their familes, it would take years to recieve their visas. Only 7% of the visas given each year go to each country. So, for a immigrant who needs to feed his family, maybe their only choice is to go to the U.S. illegally so that they can find a job. And all this stuff that you are saying about sending illegalls to Iraq…would you want to go there? Put yourself in their shoes for one day, then maybe you’ll change your minds.

  11. I agree with Lisa, illegal immigrants come here because they have no other way to feed thier families… if soo may immigrants are coming here wether illegal or legal America must have alot that interest these people…so for those who are talkin about sending them bac, wat would you do if u were in thier shoe? would you wanna be sent bac?

  12. I personally would not be in their shoes. While I understand that struggle is a hard thing to go through (I have seen it first hand) it does not excuse illegal behavior. Why protest against the country that they are illegally instead of trying to change the country that they live in… why not try to fix the problems there?

  13. Logtar, I find it interesting that you say you would not be in their shoes. So what would you do? Let your family starve? Now as for the protest, who said it was only illegal immigrants protesting? I am a citizen and I was at one of the protests. We weren’t protesting the country, something you fail to understand is the reason for the protest was to show that immigrants legal and illegal hold great value for this country. Consider this we have some 8 million persons paying into Social Security every year at a rate of 6.2% out of their paycheck. How do I know this to be fact? Well there are 8 million no match SS letters sent every year and these are all for people who have paid SS tax but their number doesn’t match the name in the system or the number does not exist. Does SS send the money back? No it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter how many dependents you put with SS as you pay the same percent if you have 1 child or 20 children.

  14. If I was in their situation, I would not resort to illegal activity and then demand that I get the same rights of the people that are doing it legally. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel like the millions of illegal immigrants that do pay taxes are an important part of this society, what I do not agree with is with protesting a systems that they are trying to go around.

    The issues are complicated, but I believe that the whole movement is not as united or clear in its ideals as they should be.

  15. What they are protesting has everything to do with unjust immigration laws that do not allow for them to immigrate legally. The problem is that any one of us would do the same thing if our children were starving, but none of us would just stand by idly while people accused us of all sorts of nasty things that aren’t true and just take it simply because a system has forced upon us little alternative.

  16. What I don’t understand is why is the US responsible for all of this? Why aren’t people trying to make a fair living in Mexico, why is their government not taking care of their poor? Why is Mexico not the nation that is being protested against. Have you checked what the Mexican immigration laws are like?

  17. Logtar, you seem to think it is easy and it is not. The US has created a lot of the endless poverty in Mexico. Think I am kidding? Ask Pepsi and Coke how much they pay the workers there. What about Burger King? McDonalds? It doesn’t change when they go elsewhere either. They don’t even begin to pay fairly or close to what they pay here. I know someone who worked for Pepsi in security in Central America he earned 2000 lempiras(Honduran currency) a month. It takes 1500 to pay for a one room shack, food costs about 800 a week for a family of four so that leaves them how much short for just food and we aren’t talking about electric, water and basic needs of life. We stole more than half their land and then are so patronizing to say they have no right to say anything?

  18. man, with all do respect shut the fuck up “logtar” nice name by the way im mexican and iam illegal bitch and you think i care about people like you, trying to send all our hommies back to their place of origen hell no! let me tell you something do you own this land? nope absolutely NOT! this land is for everyone god made it clearly in the bible.we don’t own this shit, keep that in mind.

  19. logtar if you consider yourself as a intelligent person you should’ve spelled out THREE with an “h” not TREE without an “h”. hope you see your mistake!

  20. I think if we stop making The U.S. such an good place to live we will solve all of our illegal immigration problems.

  21. who ever worte this page is stupid…. learn how to spell THREE before writing an article on the net. oh yeah and we come over here becuase we don’t love our roots but because america has more living opportunities. And if you are so sick about this damn topic…. why are you writing about it? Shut up. you act like your the one having to deal with this.


    who ever worte this page is stupid…. learn how to spell THREE before writing an article on the net. oh yeah and we come over here becuase we have to NOT because we don’t love our roots but because america has more living opportunities. And if you are so sick about this damn topic…. why are you writing about it? Shut up. you act like your the one having to deal with this.

  23. why dont people go to communism countries if they are starving?
    i mean at least they won’t starve. its better to go to communism countries than coming here as illegal immigrant.

    Also USA should stop taking advantage of other poor countries.

  24. we should move to mars or some other planet or maybe moon….. the future is here bitch.

  25. undocumented workers already pay taxes. most pay income taxes. they pay into social security but will never get the benefits. everyone pays taxes on fuel and then we all enjoy new roads. they pay sales tax that by definition stays in this country.

  26. I think your last comment was REALLY unnecessar. Maybe you should study immigration a little deeper. (there are a lot of facts from immigrants that others do not know, but they dont hesitate to judge)

  27. All of you are acting like some stupid ignerate people that dont have any feelings for your own race.. First learn more about where you came from THEN start stupid stuff like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With Luv : B@d @NG3L

  28. Well I so agree because when people say “this is a free country” then why dont they make it a free country. Man, just lets those imigrants have their lives and stop arguing! Its that simple.i just wish that i was the president so that I can have this place free for those that want to come here cause i have no problem with them coming so please make a difference in this world

  29. To all those people that insult logstar you see thats a reason people dont want illegal immigrants in their country cause you guys make it seem like they dont have any right to create laws to protect ehir country! The fact is that they do! Im and illegal immigrant myself and they only thing i ask for is the chance to study and become something. I actually came here legally but after being rip off by two lawyers we finally gave up and decided just to stay here cause someone in my family was being threaten back in our country! but we dont want to take over we just want to be part of this more fair system that offers us more security and a better life. We should not be protesting the way we are protesting! We cant come to this country and do what we are use to doing in ours! But dont get me worn g im not saying that we should let them treat us they way they do sometimes! or let them stereo type us just because some hispanic killed some one! Is like if i would say that all americans are racist just becsuse one of them dosnt like us! If they would just legalize us we wouldnt be staing here most of the time and we would actually bring more money to the table just make sure that they do a background check on everyone that tries to become legal and close the border. But they should make a visa or something for mexicans workers to have like 3 years to work here and then report back to their country it would help both mexico and the us and it would finally force the employers to pay the normal minimum wage! But until something like that dosnt happen things are going to keep on getting worse! Plus Logstar is not that people dont try to make their country better is just that since we dont have as much power as the do here the people that have the power are alot more corruptive than here. Plus the goverment always tries to take over and threatens people with their lives. Sometimes is just effin scary staying there..

  30. Good luck having America stop outsourcing. We’ve already gone too far, and to just drop everything could cause our economy to crash. Not like it could get much worse now, but we’re already in a shitty position.

    I’m actually doing a research paper on Illegal Immigration, and it’s true that America seriously needs to reform its immigrant policies. The only reason that people do not support an easy citizenship is prejudice, masked by pseudo-statistics.

    In order to write something completely and well, one must research BOTH sides of the topic. And I have– and I came to my conclusion that Hispanic people have every right to come here.

    So next time, research your topic, make some friends that aren’t white and then write the rant, bigot.

  31. I find that their is both harm and no harm in this. I simply dont mind immigrants. But its really not fair for them to come illegally. But you have to look at it from two perspectives.

  32. all of u can go to hell. U dont evn know how it is in other countries so shut up. Any way what do u know bout us…nothing!!!!! n one more thing…. most people dont come here legally is because it takes so long to get a visa or green card. People who are struggling to survive cant wait that long.

  33. Dear friend,

    You should better know the proeperity of america depends on corporate prosperity. And unfortunately talent pool is not sufficient to meet the growing demands posed by the corporate america. It is not about cheap labour it is about finding resources that are qualified to work to keep the machinery functioning.

    One such example is China and India which are major centers for outsourcing as well as highest in filing for H1Bs.
    Just my two paisa.


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