Logtar interviews Big Orange Michael – Podcast

Logtar interviews Big Orange Michael.

We had been talking for a while about doing this and we finally got to do an interview over the phone. I hope you enjoy it!

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9 Responses to Logtar interviews Big Orange Michael – Podcast

  1. The audio levels are a bit low, need to work on that. I think we will try to hook up our interview in person.

  2. Um, thanks….I think….for the mention in the podcast. I’m trying to decide if I should feel insulted or honored. ;) I guess the good thing about blogs with TMI is that you can always pass them up, or as Michael said…skim down the page. Neat idea with the phone/podcast/interview. I look forward to hearing more in the future!

  3. I enjoyed the podcast, it was amusing and informative. I could barely hear you, but Micheal was loud enough with the sound all the way up on my laptop.
    Thanks for the shout out Michael; you sound like a radio personality by the way.

  4. Awesome job, Logtar :) Where do I get in line?

  5. Audio levels should be a little better now!

  6. So you can hear us without turning up the sound volume to 200….

  7. That was great! Enjoyed hearing you and BOM! Thank the Gods I’m not interview worthy! hehehe

  8. No problem Chuck….besides one person’s TMI is another’s NEI….LOL

  9. Nice, good down to earth interview logtar, cruised over to BOM and i can see why he’s big orange Michael. Die hard fan to the end, how else is it supposed to be?

    I’m more of a soccer (futbol) fan myself, but hey, i know your need for sports and we share the same disease for sure. Great podcast guys. Since you already got the sound taken care of JG, I guess I can’t do my “grandpa Simpson’s THX, “Turrrrn it up!! TuRn iT uP!!!!” thing. Heheh :-)

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