Logtar interviews Big Orange Michael – Podcast

Logtar interviews Big Orange Michael.

We had been talking for a while about doing this and we finally got to do an interview over the phone. I hope you enjoy it!

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9 comments on “Logtar interviews Big Orange Michael – Podcast

  1. Um, thanks….I think….for the mention in the podcast. I’m trying to decide if I should feel insulted or honored. 😉 I guess the good thing about blogs with TMI is that you can always pass them up, or as Michael said…skim down the page. Neat idea with the phone/podcast/interview. I look forward to hearing more in the future!

  2. I enjoyed the podcast, it was amusing and informative. I could barely hear you, but Micheal was loud enough with the sound all the way up on my laptop.
    Thanks for the shout out Michael; you sound like a radio personality by the way.

  3. Nice, good down to earth interview logtar, cruised over to BOM and i can see why he’s big orange Michael. Die hard fan to the end, how else is it supposed to be?

    I’m more of a soccer (futbol) fan myself, but hey, i know your need for sports and we share the same disease for sure. Great podcast guys. Since you already got the sound taken care of JG, I guess I can’t do my “grandpa Simpson’s THX, “Turrrrn it up!! TuRn iT uP!!!!” thing. Heheh :-)

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