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It was not enough for the GeekSquad to pirate software, they had to mess with my family. Even though being Tech Support is not one of my hobbies, I enjoy doing it for my family and friends… just not friends of friends that I don’t even know. This weekend I played Tech Support to my family after one of my Great Uncles got his computer technically molested by a member of the GeekSquad.

I am not sure what the standard operating procedure for fixing computers in their manual is, but I hope that they don’t just routinely wipe out harddrives. Lucky for my uncle he did not have any data that needed to be recovered. The GeekSquad charged him $229.00 for an “Operating System Service” which was supposed to “If your PC is infected with viruses, infiltrated with spyware, reacting sluggishly or if it has crashed — Agents can fix the damage to your operating system.” After 2 hours the guy just formatted the harddrive and asked my uncle for the recovery disks… which my uncle had no clue about. The guy just took off and said that he could come back. After missing an appointment my uncle got frustrated and just called me.

My family is actually pretty understanding when it comes to Tech Support, they don’t expect me to fix their computer every single time it breaks. That was the reason they did not call me first, but I think after this experience they will. I don’t mind fixing their computers when they need it; I just want to be appreciated for it. And believe me this weekend they did.

My uncles computer was an easy fix. The hard drive was already trashed beyond recognition. After partitoning it properly and installing the Operating System again it worked like it should have. I am not sure what the problem was originally but I am sure that a good virus scan would have worked… maybe even a scandisk. My uncle has subscribed to Norton since he bought the computer, so I am sure that it was a combination of his DSL dropping and his virus software not being updated while a virus might have done some damage. It was a shame that they had to pay that much money and not even get their computer working again that day. While I don’t blame the GeekSquad for my uncle not knowing what his recovery disks were, I do blame them for trashing the partitions and doing a bad format on a computer before they knew they could leave it operational.

While in Chicago I had the chance to do a couple of other Tech Support calls for my family. These ones were a little easier. Both of them had to do with hard drive failures and I was able to save the data (mostly pictures) with not much trouble. Even got to use the freeze a hard drive trick. While they had not called the Geek Squad I still call them as victories over them. They are now the enemy, unless they refund my uncle the money they charged him for a service they did not perform.

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  1. FCreeze the hard drive trick?!? What’s that?!? YAY for being able to fix your Uncle’s pc! Now I know who to call if mine ever crashes! lol

  2. This is why I hate tech guys who treat people who don’t know a lot about computers like bozos like they did you to your uncle. It drives me nuts.

    It makes me hope someday these guys will need my superiro knowledge of Dr Who and then I can mock them…..oh yes, I will…

    Wait..what was I saying again?

  3. They have to pay for those fancy cars somehow. GeekSquad makes me laugh everytime I hear a story. The Midland and Saginaw Best Buy’s have become a leading source of income for me. GS goes in and formats a HD, and I get paid to recover lost files.

    Although some spyware and viruses imbed themselves pretty deep into the OS, if caught soon enough, a format is not needed. When it comes to having to format a HD to fix the problem, what is wrong with the question I ask before every format….”Do you need anything backed up first?”?

    I have also had the luxury of talking to GS for customers that have systems still under warranty, or freshly serviced by GS. Any ID10T with an A+ card in his/her wallet/purse can get a job there.

  4. Oh HELL no. Typical B.S. Reformatting the harddrive? Bastard. Your family is lucky to have you, but then I remember that pic of a t-shirt you posted one time on your site and I think to myself “Ah, tech folks always gotta fix people’s computers”, sheesh, lol.

  5. Working as an IT professional for a number of years, I got my start working on family PCs. After doing it for so many years, they came to expect it. After a few years I started charging for my services and that all went away!

  6. As you know, I do this on the side quite frequently, and I have had the (mis)fortune for cleaning up after the GS on more than one occasion. Their latest adventure, charging a guy around 200.00 for telling him that he had spyware on his laptop. They could nto get it off. A quick google search, and a little elbow grease, got the spyware off, and Igot the laptop back to the guy the next morning. I got a 500.00 set of Yokohama tires for it on the BoD.

    They charge an absurd ammount of $$ for their services, when you deal with people that know less than you know.

  7. I can’t imagine paying over $200 for a lousy high-school kid to work on my PC. Fortunately, I am the ultimate IT person and me and my family never have to worry about such rip offs. Everytime I see their stupid commercials, I feel sorry for the idiot users out there that break their PCs. Everytime I see some idiot user at Best Buy with their PC up on the counter, I almost want to donate my time to ensure their problems get fixed the right way.

    Nobody deserves to have a broken PC.

  8. Geek squad charged someone I know two hundred bucks to wipeout the hard drive, too. I asked them to let me look at it first. They went and paid the squad anyways. Sad. I could have had it working again, a lot faster than the two weeks it took the geek squad to return it. Also I doubt I would have had to wipe out the hard drive. That is a last resort. By the way, geek squad charges to save your data too. What a rip-off. I help people around me for free, and I don’t charge. I just don’t want to see people getting screwed.

  9. Well folks, meet another loser here.
    Geek Squad struck again with me.
    My Explorer was acting up, i called them , told them what i thought the problem was.
    Out he came,,,and started going through my programs of games, all of which that came with the pc ,but never played.
    After that, he took out my sbc software, then took another 1 1/2 hours trying to figure out how to get it back in.
    I am not very savvy when it comes to the “deep guts” of a pc, but i wasn’t buying all he tossed my way.
    Finally, by some miracle, he got the sbc software installed,,, then proceeded to tell me he had another appointment to get to and although some of my issues were not resolved, he would come back and help me,,,its 10:22 PM, “Do I Know Where My Geek Could Be?”,,not here!
    Yes i was dumb enough to pay the man his 338.00, oh yes, he did take 100.00 off???? would have beem 438.00
    However i was smart enough to stop payment on that check when he walked out the door.
    I phoned the company twice, telling them of what went on here, and that i was not happy… seems they lost my number, haven’t heard a thing.
    When they go to cash the check and it won’t clear,,something tells me, they will remember my number fast!
    Lesson well learned here,
    If you ever think of calling them ,,,read these stories that i have,,,,,you’ll be happy you did..
    Thanks guys for letting me vent,,hope i helped someone out there…

  10. Wow, I wish I’d read blogs before taking my computer to Geek Squad!

    It seemed my disk was crashing, so I trustingly took my computer to Geek Squad. I had bought the computer at Best Buy several years ago…

    The customer experience was BAD. I still don’t have my computer back. While I was there the tech had it up and running, ran the test I paid $200. plus for and in the middle of it strated trying to sell me a new virus protection…meanwhile the chance of saving my data is ticking away…I had to leave to take care of some business and when I came back bought the data recovery package, I should have been forwarned by the mixed message of NO GUARENTEE, but it’s pretty likely we’ll get the data…

    When I called in later to see how it was going an unidentified tech told me they were working on it and it would only be an hour or so…

    The next day, my original tech called and left a message saying that recovery was unlikely now, because someone had turned the computer off, and now the drive wouldn’t stay on.

    This is exhasperating. I went into the store and talked with a different tech, expressing my frustration, and the guy told me recovery is always slim chance. The original tech wasn’t there.

    This started Tuesday. It’s now Friday morning. I’ve paid over $600. for the repair, and it is still not repaired, and it now seems recovery is not even a possibility. Maybe if they had thought of what was important to the customer and gone right to recovery vs. trying to sell software, I’d have my data and be a satisfied customer, vs. one who will probably never go to Best Buy again.

    Maybe something good is yet to come but all indications are that something good for the customer has nothing to do with your objectives.

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