Biggest Loser

Well, I am starting a little game at work… we are going to see who can lose the must weight in a 2 month period. And I wondered, why not keep track online too… so if you want to play send me your weight and height and I will include you on the game (weigh in will be on Mondays at 2:00 P.M.) Starting today!

Lets shed some pounds!

*** Update

Erin, from GiggleChick already had a weight loss challenge that I was late to sign up for… even though this one is started more because of work than because of the blogsphere she deserves some kudos for the great idea.

*** Update 2

Ok so now I have created a page to keep track of the weight and a flickr group to upload pictures of the scale if you chose to. If you do not want to use your name for the challenge, you are welcome to e-mail me the info (logtar has hotmail) and I will give you a non descriptive nick name instead of the link to your blog that I am planning… it is up to you. This is for fun and whoever wants to participate should… they say the best way to lose weight is by staying motivated.

We will have a grace period for the initial weighing this whole week.  As many people can join… so go ahead and send me your weights!

Also Mark told me about a cool website that is free and keeps track of what you eat… I am checking it out. Here is my “progress“.

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9 Responses to Biggest Loser

  1. gee where have i seen this before? is it because you signed up too late to my GBFO to be one of the 20 in the grid and i said that although i couldn’t add you to the grid, that you could still post in my comments?

  2. Okies. My current weight is 156.6.

  3. this would seem like an additional encouragement to drop a few pounds… I wonder what I would look like 30 lbs slimmer


  4. YAY! I wanna join! 5’2″, 175 lbs (wow, brutally honest for a second)….. I’ve been putting this off long enough, and it’s nice to know that there are others out there rooting for all of us to be losers! :)

  5. I would love to join! I’m 5′ 6″ and 1/2 at 167 pounds. I need to get this last 27 pounds off my body. It’s not doing me any favors. You’ll hear from me at least Every Monday at 2pm.

  6. Listo el pollo parcero!!
    Para lo del biggest loser si no me apunto, estoy muy sexy así como estoy :)

  7. I set up my own account there…to trck my goal.

  8. I’m such a follower…. 5’9″ & 195 lbs.

  9. Actually, don’t add me to this thing. i realized that I don’t actually own a scale.

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