Logtar’s Podcast 12 Race Relations

Welcome to The Podcast number 12… even a little imagery inside!

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4 Responses to Logtar’s Podcast 12 Race Relations

  1. How do you describe yourself? That is always a challenging question and it was for me for a long time… that is until I realized to put the most important things first.

    So who am I? A follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, a father, a family man, …. somewhere down the list is a software engineer and a mac head.


  2. What the hell Logtar? The podcast was clipped. Okay bro, you need to go to http://www.odeo.com and sign up for an account. It let’s you talk for an HOUR for FREE. Do it now, or I’ll be forced to fart on your blog. *oops* I already did. Hey, it was a silencer… but then again, silencers are DEADLY. bwahahah.

  3. You can just come here to see the thread.

  4. Ah you talking about that infront of people (insert sarcastic remark). Ah miss those talks. but here is a link I thought you might like. http://livedigital.com/AG2P2wCCuw/content/23094/c215

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