Handwriting Meme

A pangram is a sentence that contains all letters of the alphabet. Less frequently, such sentences are called holalphabetic sentences. One of the most famous one being “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.” Here is more info about pangrams, but the object of this meme is just to see your handwriting.

Go ahead and get a piece of paper, then write the sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.” Sign it with your first name or your handle (not your signature) and take a picture. Then post this and your picture on your blog! It is that simple… (Leave a comment here or a trackback once you have posted.) Link back, don’t be shy!

Thanks for the tip Brykmantra now it is also a Flickr Pool. Join us!

Also, feel free to use pangrams in other languages.
Here is mine…

Handwriting Meme

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59 Responses to Handwriting Meme

  1. I see, once you have my handwritting then you can take over the world… I will have to think on that one a bit.

  2. But…but…you’ll start signing my checks! And my autographs!

  3. Oooooooooooo cool idea!! As soon as I’m done tweaking stuff I’ll do mine and let you know when it’s up!

  4. Alrighty! Got mine up!

  5. Ok, apenas consiga camarita!

  6. I’m posted. Great idea. And, yes, I did the OCD version. 😉

  7. I type so much now that my handwriting is barely legible nowadays.

  8. I have to wait for my batteries to charge on my camera, but once I do, I’ll be posting an entry about my birthday, and also a bunch on pictures like I did the last time during spring break . . . with the flash display from flickr.

  9. OK, otra tarea pendiente por hacer…

  10. I might try it, but my writing sucks these days … Hey, you should do this as a Flickr pool. so more people can see it …

  11. en estos dias lo hago….. bastante interesante el termino!!

  12. Done deal. Mine’s up. I am laughing too because it looks like you signed your nick “Dogtar” instead of “Logtar”. Ha Ha. And i thought my handwriting was bad. LOL. :-)

  13. LOGTAR!!! hehehe – love the meme – saw it over at Statics blog – i had wondered where you had wandered off to – hubby rob & i now share a blog :)
    ciao ~ peace

  14. Hi, sorry I’m late with this, but I’m finally up. I did the entire post (except for the links) in handwriting.

  15. OK, OK, I did it…

  16. Posted on my blog as well :)

  17. well husbands anon did it too. the meme is catching on.
    Husbands Anon 😀

  18. My post is here.

    sya, your all-handwriting post is absolutely lovely!

  19. Ok, it took me a while but mine is up…

  20. I’m game. Let me know what you “see”.

  21. I came late to the party, too (found you via Amy), but I did it, too. Fun!

  22. I found this origin site while paging through the flickr page I had already put the pic on my blog, and the flickr, but what a fun exercise!

  23. I hate it when people come up with cool ideas like this before I do. 😉

  24. Done. Excellent idea.

  25. Fun! Mine’s up on my blog.

  26. very smart. thanks for a fun little exercise.

  27. i don’t like my handwriting, but i did it anyway. in catalan. see it here.

  28. Ok better late than never.

    check it out

  29. posted on my blog.

  30. I am in…come check it out

  31. Cool idea! I put one up on my blog. :)

  32. Why not! I follow anybody…

  33. Incredibly inspiring meme – I posted mine today! Thank you!

  34. This is very cool ;o) thanks for starting this meme! I saw it on a friend’s blog and posted it on mine as well.

  35. Hi! I’ve posted my pangram in my blog, it’s in Spanish. Great idea 😀

  36. Mission accomplished.
    Off the Loom

  37. Mission accomplished. Come for a visit.

  38. Here is my pangram! Nice idea!

  39. I’ve added my entry today. :)
    It was a lot of fun.

  40. I saw this on someone else’s blog and posted one on my blog.
    Fun idea.

  41. Hola! I have added mine to the flickr group :)

  42. hey, am i suppose to post the meme with a photo of myself? I’m trying to keep a low profile. Fun shit. And the phrase is so poetic…

  43. Muy bonito nooooooooo
    y lo bueno que me a salido

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