Ultraviolet (*)

It is a good thing that I was not a fan of the comic before I went to watch this movie or this review would have been a lot more bitter. Ultraviolet makes you wonder why there is not someone reviewing projects so that the money is saved for the future instead of making a mediocre movie about the future. Director Kurt Wimmer is not to blame for the whole movie, even though I did expect a lot more from the guy that directed Equilibrium, one of my favorite movies in the genre.

Mike Smith was the stunt coordinator for both movies and I was very disappointed by his work here. There was nothing innovative about the martial arts at all. The sword fighting was mediocre at best. My biggest complaint in this department was the implied fighting. When they used this technique the first time, I went “ok, that’s cool.” after that I was almost ready to yell at the screen, “where is the action? How did the killing happen?” While I get that maybe it was supposed to give you a comic book sense, it kind of failed.

The special effects were another mess. I think they ran out of budget during the movie, some of the effects looked very well done and blended with the movie, others gave me a sense of Saturday morning cartoon, Power Ranger kind of feel. Don’t get me wrong, some of it was done very well, the guns and other technology looked good, but then having the last scene being picked apart by my 9 year old as crappy tells you how bad it was. I hate comparing it to Equilibrium, but since both of them have a similar futuristic theme I have to. Equilibrium did not have the best effect either, but they help they story along instead of making you stop and think how crappy they are.

The story was the only thing that you can save here. However they had a comic book to borrow it from. I would love to hear from a fan of the series to see how true to the comic they were. I loved the fact that they did not let you know from the very beginning that this was a movie that had vampires. I felt that was done well.

I would not even recommend you rent this movie. I think that after paying Jovovich to star in the movie they did not have enough money to finish the film effects. If you want to be entertained rent Equilibrium.


From The WikiPedia

Screen Gems edited the film from its original length of 120 minutes to 88 minutes, against the wishes of director Kurt Wimmer. He was quite angry with this, and many fans agree that this decision lowered the quality of the film significantly.

It might be worth the wait to see the director’s cut, because to me the film just seemed like a mess.

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Bad drivers

Wednesday night I was in Kung Fu and we started talking about bad drivers. We did not know that very close to us an accident had just occurred (full story)

Two teenage girls were struck by a car Wednesday afternoon as they crossed Jefferson Avenue with the help of a school crossing guard, leaving one of them in critical condition.

The incident occurred at 3:04 p.m. at the intersection of Jefferson and Chapel Lane when 79-year-old Kathleen May Fournier, Midland, disregarded a school crossing guard who was helping the two girls, both age 13, cross using the crosswalk, Midland Police report. Fournier was headed north, as the girls crossed to the east.

I was recounting how there had only been one real bad incident where someone had cut me off. The bad part is that they were oblivious of what had happened. The lady driving a minivan that pulled in front of me seemed to not see my car skidding sideways toward her. Thank God I missed her car and nothing happened. Then the next morning I hear about the accident on the news. The other people in class commented how Midland was just horrible because of old drivers. One of the younger kids in the class said but why do they drive? I tried to explain to him how driving is a sense of freedom that no one wants to lose.

I feel really bad for older drivers, they are not all necesarilly bad drivers, but some of them don’t have the vision, reflexes and skills necessary for safe driving. I am torn about this, especially because in some cases they have no one to rely on for some of their needs. Also who wants to lose their sense of freedom?

My Space

My Space was on the local news this morning. It was a news cliffhanger about a young girl and concerned parents. When the newsperson comes back with their “story” it was a little anticlimactic. The parents of a teen were concerned because she received a picture of a male penis from an adult on her My Space account; they added that the teen is keeping her My Space account.

I don’t have a My Space account, I am not a total hater but I feel I am over that. My space is like the high school of the Internet; I think I am in College. When I have ended up in there, I feel like I need to take a shower afterwards. It is not due to the amount of obscenity, which is also disgusting, but the attack of images, videos and music. I dislike being spammed with sound; I believe it is a big Internet no-no to have music unless you are a band. My space to me is friendster gone wrong, kind of like when Gizmo’s (the cute little gremlin) kids get to eat after midnight. Don’t even get me started on their poor coding for skins and layout. It is nauseating just to think of it.

Yet rolling stone hails it as the force that is making music hip again, and others make it sound like the future of marketing. I don’t know, maybe it is a good thing to be able to connect with a bunch of people that you have like interest with, but My Space still sound to me like the ultimate Emo, hookup, filthy corner of the internet.

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Rhapsody in Red (****)

A Twisted Love Story… is the tagline for this great 30 minute independent film. I went to see it without any expectation and walked out with a grin on my face after being truly entertained. The film was actually completely done in the Mid Michigan area, by Mid Michigan people and the director thanked everyone for their support after the second screening. The first screening was actually sold out, but thankfully they did a second one right after. I would have been very disappointed if I had not been able to see this film.

Without giving away too much, one of my favorite scenes has one of the characters trying to sneak in somewhere. One of the people trying to stop her is eating a huge burger and as she clogs her arteries you see a huge salt container in the shot. I thought that was a very clever joke.

The acting was unbelievable. Even though the film is a tongue in cheek love story of a very confused woman and a maximum security homicidal criminal the characters were very likeable. The story was hilarious and smartly written. The film included some excellent camera angles that really helped show the story. I love the opening and closing sequences, but you would have to go see the film to get what I am talking about. My only complaint was one shot where there is an upside down camera view that I really did not get. Besides that the movie went by way too fast because I wanted to keep on laughing.

Now the important thing, how do you get to see this film? Thankfully it will be traveling the independent circuit so it will most likely be shown in a place close to you, so go visit the website for the film, sign up for the newsletter and let me know what you think once you watch it. Since the writer/director David Patton is from the area I am going to try to get an interview.

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Blogging Against Sexism

Withough even knowing about it, tomorrow is Blog Against Sexism Day, I blogged about it on Sunday. If you have nothing to write about tomorrow, go ahead and give us your point of view on this very real issue that affects our world. Wether American culture trying to make Barbies out of our young girls, or woman being reduced to being property on some place in the world.

Visit the site for all the details.

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