I went with Ty to a school field trip to Dow Gardens. It was a wonderful experience to go see the butterflies at the conservatory inside of Dow Garden. Once again, if you live in Michigan or just visit, Midland is a great place to stop by. Enjoy the pictures.

They also had some awesome plants and flowers in the conservatory. Even several different Orchids, which are my favorite flower, and the Colombian national flower. I hope that this is a sign that spring is coming, I cannot take the cold weather anymore.

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“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”
-Ernest Hemingway

I have always prided myself on being a good listener.  Too bad I was really never that good at it.  Listening is something that is hard to do; it is not the art of listening to what someone says but what they are trying to say.  Try this exercise next time that you seem to be frustrated with in the middle of a discussion with someone.  Stop after you have said something to them and ask them “What did you hear me say.”  I bet you that most of the time it will not be a verbatim version of what you say but an interpretation of what they thought the message that you were trying to convey was, what’s worse is that more often than not it will be completely different than what you were really meaning.

Marring intent and meaning onto what we are saying can be a difficult task.  One of my biggest personality flaws still is that I think I know what someone is thinking when they are talking to me.  That has lead to a lot of issues through the years because I end up being just plain paranoid about the smallest things.  I try to find intent on everything people say and that is just not a good way to do things.  Old habits die hard, or so the song says, but I have learned that I can be less paranoid and I can try to be a better listener.

iGame the Apple device I really want

Well, I have to admit, EGM got me really good. I read an article in their magazine about how Apple was going to jump into the video game market with the iGame. Unfortunately it was all a hoax. Even though it is not confirmed hoax yet, I know it is totally an April fools joke. It was both mean and uncalled for EGM, you hear me. Not that I am going to cancel my subscription or anything but I am not going to forget to really be more of a skeptic when I read their April issue.

The iGames was supposed to be this gaming device that was also an iPod and had video capabilities. The games were going to be dowloaded to your computer and then into the device. The possibilities were endless and I could not wait to play some of the older gamers on an Ipod like device.

The iGame is an excellent idea though. One of the things that Apple has always lagged behind is gaming. I am hoping that using Intel Chips will make it easier to port games to work on Macs. I have wanted to frag my Mac friends for quite some time, and not being able to is kind of lame.

I have always liked Macs, but since high school my involvement with them has been minimal. We have had Macs at some of the places I work and I can navigate them but not do much more. My recent acquaintance with Mac geeks, a Sun developer, a Mac developer and a Mac fanboy and graphics designer, has really sparked my curiosity to the point that I might be getting a Mac in the near future. I would like to learn to program for Macs and just get to know them a little better. In the mean time I will keep on hoping that Apple does pick up on the hoax and makes it a reality.

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China wrapped up its annual 10 day congress session. China’s government is a little different than the way the Unites States republic is run. The Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao spoke about the biggest issue in the agenda, rural reform. China has the right idea, to strengthen its farms and empower its farmers.

Farmers are one of the most important parts of our society. They provide the food that we all consume. Until we can all take nutrition in the form of synthetic pills, which I hope is never in my lifetime because I enjoy a good meal, we will have to depend on farmers to provide us with food.

In my opinion the drug problem in Colombia flourished because of desperation in the rural areas. When you are faced with the reality of not being able to feed your family with your current crop, but a different one will bring in not just food but wealth, the decision seems almost made for you. I think at that point the government leaving the farmers to fend for themselves made that decision for them.

The moment a government forgets about its farmers, is the moment that it forgets about its people. Food and shelter are basic needs for humans, and a government that does not support its farmer is taking one of those away from its people. While I am not a fan of Chinese policy or its human rights violation record I do applaud its government for not forgetting about its farmers.

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