The Praying Mantis

I had always been amazed by the Praying Mantis.  For an insect it seemed to be very graceful and had human like movements at times.  I am a discovery Channel fan and used to watch Nova as a kid.  I always loved nature shows.

I had also seen the Mantis as a pet, and always wondered how cool it would be to have one some day.  I had not see one up close until I moved to the US.  Since moving here I have seen 3 or 4 up close.  They are beautiful insects.

There are plenty of Kung Fu styles to choose from, and even though I did not seek the Mantis style, I was lucky enough to find it.  The Mantis style is both graceful and powerful.  It controls the energy in a way that you are not wasting any of it.  I am not even close to beginning to think that I am learning the style.  I am barely scratching the surface.  Every class I attend I am more and more in love with the Mantis.

Going back to being amazed at the insect, do you think that a Mantis can actually take down a bird?  We are used to seeing birds eat insects and not the other way around.  I just wanted to share this link, mind you the pictures can be graphic, but it is amazing what this insect can do.

5 comments on “The Praying Mantis

  1. Lawl that bird was pwnd
    like that prantis was like
    Wham gotcha hah ha ha…
    yea that is freaking weird

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