Road Rage

I just had to share this story. I was driving into work this morning, the sun is shinning, the weather is breaking and with plenty of time to make it into work I am just cruising along. I get to a light where I need to turn left, but there is a line of cars coming from the opposite direction. Most people, and even me at times, start to inch forward into the intersection but since the line of cars was kind of long I kind of just waited. I checked my rear view mirror and I see a guy, red faced and yelling obscenities. (I could read his lips pretty clearly, come to think of it I think he might have wanted me to).

In retrospective, a couple of times in the line of cars I had an chance to maybe turn, but I would had to have pretty much burned rubber to get through the intersection. My car is capable of the take-off for sure, but I saw no need. I would not think that someone would get so enraged just because I did not inch forward, but it is possible.

The guy begins to get closer and closer to my bumper, not sure if he wanted to actually make me hear him. At this point I am a little concerned because the veins in his forehead look like they are going to burst. Finally, the line of cars clears the intersection and I turn. The car proceeds to tailgate me. At this point I am a little amused. While this guy might think that he can do bodily harm to me, I know better thank to engage in such a display of immaturity. I rode along at the speed limit and did not even tap on my breaks.

The next light was green so I rode through, and the road at that point becomes two lanes. The driveway to the parking lot for work is just about a block from that intersection. I figured this guy, who must be in a hurry, would just pass me while flipping me the bird. To my surprise this does not happen and the guy seems to be calming down. I slow down and take the turn into the parking lot. Then I realize what is happening. This guy works at my company, we are pulling into the same parking lot, and while I park I see him just stare straight ahead and drive further into the parking lot. I just had to smile.

4 comments on “Road Rage

  1. thres a chick here that has done that to me, as well as to other people at my work…shes jsut a bitch. she parks in the handicaopped section (shes tagged) but we cannot see any apparent physical reason why she should be in a wheelchair…its weird.

  2. Hahahaha! You know he was feeling really stupid at that point. I hope you don’t mind if a take a second to vent on a similar topic. Yesterday, like you, I was at an intersection where I couldn’t pass through or else I’d block the lane. And the milisecond that the car in front of me moves forward so that I could fit, a car in the right side-street takes a right (though I had the green light) and I’m back where I started, only I’d already started crossing over. Grrrr…

  3. Wow! It’s just amazing to me how many people get so upset and start to tweak out while driving! Honestly people like that scare me because they are behind the wheel of a deadly weapon.

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