Work has been crazy lately. Today I figured that with the extra time I could run a little errand at the Secretary of State to get my new plate and title.

I always expect it to be a bad experience when I go into a DMV. People just seem to have an overall bad attitude in that place. I don’t understand it really, while they do have tons of people to tend to, it should not be that hard to smile and be helpful. My first problem is that you are always going to have to pay them for something, why is it a sin to ask them questions about the fees?

After waiting for my number to come up I slowly walked up to the counter. I had been sitting close to someone that smoked a little too much, I don’t mind the smell all that much but this guy must have smoked in his car with the window up or something. So half nauseated and numb from the torture device like chair I still manage to smile. I say hello, I need to get a new plate and title, also here is my insurance. After comparing VINS the lady just asks for my Drivers License. I was already on the process of pulling it out. So far so good, but then I made the huge mistake of asking a question.

How much will it be for a vanity plate? She acted annoyed and said it will be like 30 dollars. Mind you I was looking for an exact figure, she said it on a tone of you couldn’t afford it. I was shocked, since I had already looked online and knew it was only 8 bucks more. At this point I decided to just go ahead and get the next plate available since I wanted to just get it done and over with. So I just let the whole vanity plate thing go. I asked if there was a chance to look at a couple of the plates and see if I might like one of the numbers. While I realize that this is somewhat of an extra request, they have done it for me before. She gets a little upset and said, “we cannot do that, it will be out of order.”

At this point I could have just started to argue with her, but I just let it go and said, Ok that’s fine. Now I was getting annoyed because she was not being very helpful, but I figured oh well. While all of her attitude up to this point was understandable in some level, what happened next really started to change my attitude. Thank God for my patience. I she did not explain any of the fees to me, just handed me a piece of paper and told me to check the info for accuracy and sign. So I asked, is the plate fee prorated? And she proceeded to tell me that what my total was. Again I asked the same question and she ignored me and told me again, your fee Mr. Guzman is whatever. I just went ahead and paid because I had no time to go into further detail with the lady and I just wanted to get back to work, but believe me, if I had the time I would have had a long discussion with her.

I am not sure why so many people that work with the public have such negative attitudes. If you really do not like working with people, then go do something else. Why is it that I need to be made to feel like I am annoyance instead of a paying customer? Why can people just eagerly answer my questions until I am satisfied? Am I just too hard to please? Am I way out of line here?

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  1. That is a bugger, I have not had an issues with the DMV here in MI. I have had some bad experiences in other states but knock on the keyboard not here…. yet…


  2. qué mala cosa, que el señor Guzmán atiborre de preguntas a la señorita de la sectretaría de tránsito 😛

  3. You know, I thought of writing something on that, and when I say that, I mean to say why people feel so disgruntle towards the general public when it pertains to their jobs. It’s strange I know, but I have seen several examples of what our “general” masses maintain as a perspective and underlying “attitude”.

    Try this: When you go to work, take a moment and see how your work environment interacts with each other. Look at who they are (education, experienced workers, and overall environment) and see if you surround yourself with the same type of level of people where you “hang out”. Then as a social experiment, go to the bus station after dark (10p/11pm) on any given night. Take a moment and see who our masses are (tendencies, education, and social mannerisms) and it will be like night and day. It’s sad, but when I see that, I feel pretty damm blessed to be in school and never have to live in that state. (Sorry if that sounds mean, but it’s a truth for me).

  4. The state controls a monopoly on everything they do in this realm. It’s not like if you’re unhappy with the service you can get an Ohio plate put on instead. It would be cool if they put vehicle registration into the private sector like they did with domain registration on the Internet, but I highly doubt that will happen.

    You have to buy plates and stickers from the state. You have to pay the fee they ask for. If they treat you like garbage you have to grin and bear. Death and taxes man… Fight the machine! :-)

  5. One thing I cannot stand is people that have this script-like behavior and can only say or do certain things because they’re too lazy or don’t question it. I had to take care of some stuff at the city satellite office a couple of times in Hawaii before I moved, and was floored at how rude some of the workers were to people. They would snap at people for being in the wrong lines, when the signage was really confusing (and you’d think that if so many people made the same mistake, then perhaps it was their fault for not directing properly?).

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