First Ride

I have not ridden my own bike in about 2 years (except last week’s frozen trip). It was excellent to get out and ride a little. So what did you do this weekend?

6 Responses to First Ride

  1. Hung out with the family and took the dog for a walk.

  2. I worked and took pictures of a huge protest. =P

  3. wooohoooo sounds like fun! Eh not too much happened here this weekend. It was a sort of laid back one.

  4. Went out for a few brews with some buds on friday night, saw V for vendetta saturday night, and then just chilled on sunay. I did nothing constructive, oh wait, i ran on Saturday at Memorial park. . . yeahhhh, i was a bum.

  5. Cool, yo? IIIICFEEES!! 😛

  6. Cool! I had a great weekend meeting some friends…We got to get together on bikes…the weather is beautiful I almost can’t blame the global warming.

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