“A single conversation across the table with a wise person is worth a month’s study of books”
-Chinese Proverb

When did people forget what conversation was and replace it with debate? It is so difficult to find intelligent conversation now a days. It seems like society just up and erased the sense of community and replace it with the winner mentality of, there has to always be a winner and loser. Not everything in life is about right and wrong.

Conversation is an art, that when used properly enhances our view of the world. Would you settle down for eating only bread and water for every single meal? Well, that is what I feel people do when they think that in any conversation there has to be debate instead of just sharing of ideas.

Being open minded is a difficult thing. We all like to think that we are open minded to some level, kind of like most of us think we are good drivers. The reality is that we have been trained to have some cemented ideas about the world, and it is very difficult or next to impossible to change those views unless there is intelligent conversation involved.

I know this might be a little bit of a stretch, but I believe that if there was more open conversation about topics like oppression and racism, it would be easier to eradicate them. Keeping people’s views hidden can perpetuate ignorant and short sided views of the world. Think of soldiers that get stuck in a remote location and don’t even know that the war has ended.

I believe the blogs have opened up a window into the real conversation world. I also blame the fear of debate some people have to the lack of comments on real subjects posted on blogs. It seems like every single time that someone shares an idea about a subject that might not completely agree with the original post, it is taken as an attack or an attempt to discredit the original post. I really hope that our society can go back to a place where conversation is encouraged and the exchange of ideas makes us grow intellectually.

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6 comments on “Conversation

  1. A mi me parecen que los americanos ven todo solo negro y blanco, además convierten todo en una competencia, hasta tener buena ortografía, bueno, aquí también, mmm…

  2. Good stuff.

    Unfortunately (as you point) out, tons of people merely want to argue. I was into that maybe 10 years ago. Now it bores me. I do find myself starved for good conversation most of the time.

    I lost track of her in both of our moving around the country, but I used to have a friend that I could have the most intellectual, serious discussions with. We didn’t agree on everything (who does), but man, we really engaged each other conversation-wise.

    I really hate that I don’t know where she is these days…

  3. Agreed that the main message is clear, Conversation is very valuable and it makes me sad to think that the reason it is so difficult to avoid debate in conversation is because there is an innate desire to always be right… at least for us humans. Like you said, having an open mind is quite difficult.

  4. I find myself, not only at home, but in public, with friends,etc. starved for conversation. Just CONVERSATION. not demanding opinions, not political forums, just rambling conversation. Makes me want to go back to college, just to be able to sit with a group of people and have an intelligent hour or two of gab. I’m surprise, what with the www and the wealth of availiable informationl out there, that more people aren’t interested in much of anything, and don’t have much to say. I mean, try and start a conversation with most folks, about anything but whats on tv and they’re moving away. I don’t mean in a club or some place like that, but anywhere. so. thats why I googled to this site.

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