Rap Sucks

So you think rap is the most useless music there is. Just a bunch of noises tied together with someone basically just talking in the background. Then you really have no clue what rap really is. While I would have to agree that some rap is not good, the same can be said for any music genre out there. There is good and bad music. I like Rap, it is not my favorite type of music, but it is up there close to Dance, Alternative and Latin.

What I like the most about Rap and I think most people that are closed minded about it never get to experience is the poetry behind it. Take TuPac for example, if you look at his work like poetry and not Rap, you can really understand his message and see his genius.

From the Song Changes

and still I see no changes, can’t a brother get a little peace?
there’s war on the streets
and the war in the Middle East
instead of war on poverty

When you look beyond the negative words, at times used in rap, and really get into the message, you can learn a lot about a culture that  seems so foreign and yet it has been grown in our own land. I am not saying that there is a huge musical merit to all rap, but there should be recognition of it as a true form of art. I listen to rock sometimes and hear 3 cords being played over and over, and that is not even to mention the bad drums, then someone says that a rap song is not really music because it is the same harmony playing over and over. How closed minded some people are baffles me.

As a form of expression rap is very powerful. It has allowed a lot of people to have a voice. Listening to rap would not make you an expert on Black culture, nor will it truly connect you in any way, but it is a window that you can look through at times. Be mindful though, that some of the messages are not positive. The disrespect to woman bothers me quite a bit, but it is all about knowing what to digest and what to leave on the plate.

I am not saying that we should all like rap, I am simply stating that it should not be completely dismissed, because like food, a little ethnicity does not hurt anyone.

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  1. RAP bums me out – what genre could people with less talent make a living, make millions, buy a HUMMER??? Let’s see……we’ll get somebody to lay down a BEAT, write down some CRAP about stealing stuff, smoking crack and getting laid and keep telling people that it’s ART [through the brainwashing media] the masses will buy it [like they/we do whatever else the media sells them like idiotic little mindless animals, mice on a wheel, lambs to the slaughter….] Like wearing pants that don’t fit, putting hats on turned to the side, bling, bling, bling – WHATEVER!!!! Whoever can’t write a song, play an instrument or sing…guess what ??? YOU CAN RAP!!! Don’t worry – there’s hope for everybody ! AND – if you CAN’T do that – HANG IN THERE, you can be a PRODUCER!!! I LOVE that one.

    I am listening to some new bands lately that can actually write some music, perform, sing…what a novelty. It’s hard to find but they are coming back – people playing guitar!! I don’t just mean 2 guys strumming the same damn power chords tuned down a step, guy SCREAMING [what the hell is that all about???] I mean somebody able to pull off a guitar solo [without SHREDDING] Melodys, nice tones………tasty, hearfelt, memorable

    I am NOT anti this, anti that for the sake of pissing, moaning, complaining….I am really open minded about music – my tastes span the spectrum of styles/genres….it’s just that somethings really suck – hey, disco did, right?? We all [most of the population agree on that, yes??] I am here to say that RAP is the disco of the new millenium. If you got talent [other than cashing in on some HIP-HOP hip CRAP and buying a new CRIB and having a bunch of HO’s in a new video with your hat turned sideways and your friggin’ pants hanging down….WRITE A SONG with a melody, a chorus, a major HOOK, great lyrics and PLAY A FRIGGIN’ GUITAR SOLO.


  2. Rap is not music as much as it is urban poetry set to drum grooves that even these dumdshits can’t create themselves. I beleive in freedom of speech and these guys ,not to be confussed as “artists”, have a right to express their opinon. But please…..the Grammys only award this shit because the big record companies want the money that it generates. Nevermind degrodation of women, family values, guns, sex and perversing the youth of society thinking we should all go to the “dark side” of life because they had fucked up lives. What concerns me is that the record companies and ditstributors actually sell this shit as music. It is not!!! It is poetry and should be handled that way. As a musician who love Miles , Coltrane, Jimi, Sly, Legend, Prince, Cannonball, Ella, Holiday, you do this culture a dis-service.

  3. i have played guitar for over 40 years and when they started calling rap music i almost vomited,rap and music have no relation and most rappers are x gang members who could’nt play a lick on an instrument,so give me a break calling rap music.

  4. Why is EVERY rock & roll lover on here so CLOSED-MINDED? its ridiculous..

    You people condemn ANYTHING that you don’t like or understand. You don’t even have an EDUCATED opinion!

  5. It’s as if noone here actually gave a shit what was said.

    RAP is MUSIC.
    For the little bitch who was talking about it won’t go over decades, Hip Hop/Rap has been around since the early 1980’s, stupid whores

    And the guy talking about “Hit Em Up”, Tupac wrote that because he believe that Puffy and Biggie had plotted against him and were the men that shot him.

    Rap is about real topics, not just about fucked up emotions and shit.

    And yes, i’ve listen to all that metal shit and listened, hell, it talks about more sex and drugs than rap!
    Mary Magdalan?

    Why the hell are you whining and bitching?

    What was “You Shook All Night Long” Talking about?
    And i’d like to take you up on that bullshitting you were saying about how your nerdy ass could take a beat, and overlay it with a rap and have a hit.

    Try it

    See how far you get.

    I’m not going to say that all rap is good, but the people you hear on the radio and mtv, are a bunch of fake ass overcommercials.

    Listen to Nas, Tupac, B.I.G., Eminem, Bone Thugs in Harmony, and definitely Kanye West, and none of his hits, try “Jesus Walks” or “Heard Em Say” or “We Don’t Care”


    You’re taking a piss if you were serious when you said “Why is EVERY rock & roll lover on here so CLOSED-MINDED?”

    I am a huge rock fan and it is definitely my genre of choice. However, you can see by my comment on this post, on 23 Mar 06, that we are not all “CLOSED-MINDED”.

    It would serve you well to keep in mind how angry you get when people make a generalized statement such as “All rap music is crap!” Remember that your own generalizations do no good other than to keep the division in place and show others that rap music paves the way for nothing more than disrespect, a lack of manners, etc.

    If people don’t like the stereotypes cast upon them, then they should choose to not lash out and instead turn those emotions into something positive and work hard to change that maddening stereotype.

  7. That’s off topic
    anyway the majority of the people who like rap here haven’t said anything bad against rock/metal
    The people who did are stupid

  8. Rap is that distinct horrible music that you constantly hear at your highschool, or on the street if you live in a city, or on the radio, or on TV. It can be identifyed by the “drum” beat that continually loops over and over. Often, listeners of rap identify the quality of a rap “song” by how “phat” its beat is, or something like that.

    Another major characteristic of rap, is the stupid lyrics that a bunch of “bad ass muthas” try to sing over the equally stupid drum machine and synthesizers. These lyrics are basically always about how they just busted a phat cap in their homeez azzes. Or about how “life is hard in the ghetto”. Nobody gives a crap how life is in the ghetto, last time I was in the ghetto my wallet got stolen, so shut the hell up.

    Other crap I Hate About Rap

    Theres lots of other stuff about rap I hate. For one thing, its the horrible glamorization of it and its “artists”. For example, I’d like any rap fan out there to tell me who wrote the music to any rap song (and none of those freaking cheap puffy songs count, cause he always just uses other peoples music, thus ruining the original song because his new “lyrics” suck). I mean who wrote the MUSIC, not the lyrics, which are written by the stupid ass rappers. I’ll tell you who wrote the music, a bunch of people you’ve never heard of in your life, and never will, who know how to operate drum machines and computers. Basically, the rap “artist” asks them to make a real “phat” beat, they do so until its “phat” enough, then the rapper dubs in the lyrics over it. Ever notice that at rap “concerts” theres about 30 people in the background, aside from the stupid rapper and the 90 backup dancers, that you’ve never seen in your life? Those would be the people I’m talking about. But of course, the rap “artist” always gets 100% credit for their new “song”. However, I can tell you exactly who wrote both the lyrics and music to say, the Metallica song “The Call of Ktulu”. The 4 (original) members of Metallica did, and they played the song themselves, with actual instruments (REAL drums, for example). I would like to see any rap “artist” pick up any real instrument and do anything impressive with it. Oh but wait, I made a mistake, “The Call of Ktulu” doesn’t have lyrics, because its whats called an instrumental song. Of course in the rap world, nobody knows what the hell that means. Theres no instrumental rap songs, cause they would be freaking boring as hell. And theres not a single rapper or rap fan who can appreciate the talent it took to record a song like The Call of Ktulu.

    Dead Rappers

    The Notorious F.A.T and Deadpac. You know who I’m talking about. Their retarded music is what killed them. If they weren’t rappers they would still be alive, not that I would give a crap. The whole west side\east side thing, that whole stupid deal started cause of rap. Its stupid, who gives a poo about the “east side” or “west side”. God knows I dont. I dont think in the history of metal and rock any artist has ever been murdered. Except for John Lennon I suppose, but that had nothing to do with his music, the murderer was just insane. And then theres the people who claim Deadpac is still alive. Oh my god, he is NOT still alive, would you still be alive if you got SHOT IN THE HEAD, no! Here is why I believe he is dead: murder —> autopsy –> funeral.

    Real Music

    Real music is defined as: not FREAKING rap! Basically, I consider any music that isn’t rap\pop\techno to be real music. Any music played with instruments is real music. I’m not saying I like ALL real music, but I’m saying it’s a hell of a lot better than any rap. I like metal and “classic” rock. Like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix and Lynyrd Skynyrd. These are actual bands, these bands wrote their own music, played their own music, and it took a hell of a lot of talent to do it. And if your a rap fan, please don’t try to argue that rap is better just cause of the ‘rapping’. Who the hell cares if there isn’t some gangster spitting out lyrics wicked fast, theres a lot more to good music than that. Metallica of course, is still around, and has been since 1983, and they still kick ass. Black Sabbath has been around for almost 30 years, can you name one rapper that lasts that long? Can you name one rapper who has more than 2 or 3 successfull songs? I doubt it. Take Ricky Martin for example, he’s not rap, but he’s glammy pop crap, do you think your still even gonna know who he is a year from now? Probably not

  9. Ok, so the thing about rap is that it is all about tring to fit in and be cool. If ya ask me it is complete crap. This is comming from someone who used to listen to alot of it. 2pac was my fav. However, you cannot say that he helped people in any way with his lyrics, sure he did changes, half the crap he made was gangsta rap that sold because it was gangsta rap, and still sells because its gangsta rap, and 2pac was killed in a gang related fashion. I cannot belive people buy into the lies of the rap industry, its all abou talking shit, doin hoes, and “gettin money” (direct quote)

    I started to hate rap as I matured. I always liked rock and metal as well, and I found that rap music was just not me. I love Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Pink Floyd, etc. That is what music is about, not rap. In rap all they do is drop names and talk about how they made it to the top, and how they are the greatest, and using women, Do you really want to listen to all of that.

  10. Plaing a guitar requires YEARS of practice. Ask me-I know. Putting multiple LIVE INSTRUMENTS together (guitar, bass, drums keyboard, microphones, amplifiers, processors,ets) that actually SOUND GOOD REQUIRES TALENT.
    I will not degrade anybody’s choice of music, however I know the firsthand effects of being influenced into a “hard” life by listening to music that makes someone think they’re something that they are NOT.
    Oh yeah, it’s ONLY MUSIC, right?
    Tell that to all the white kids walking around with their pants half down selling themselves out to a corporate industry that doesn’t give two shits about them. Tell that to all the people in PRISON who thought they were living the “thug life”. Tell that to the families of inner-city murder victims who lost loved ones that were trying to be “gangsters”. You want to know what a REAL FUCKING GANGSTER IS? Bugsy Malone or Al Capone!! And finally, how many people do you think got killed listening to BACH or LED ZEPPELIN?
    oh so now you want to talk about DRUGS AND SUICIDE? NEWS FLASH!! THOSE were around WAY before RAP and will be there after long after RAP is gone, because eventually, just like all music, a new style will come along, and as with every other genre, this style of “music” will fade away, if, as one intelligent person said above, RAP doesn’t KILL US ALL with it’s hidden messages and alterier motives.
    I, for one, am not interested, no matter HOW popular it is.
    Thank you.

  11. I think one of the reasons many of us have such strong opinions about rap is that it is intimately implicated in questions of identity. That is to say, like other forms of what we might loosely term ‘musical expression’, rap is a significant means by which individuals define themselves. Of course, the opposite is equally true: those (like me) who dislike rap tend to define ourselves partly precisely by that dislike. The truth is, I’ve been known to make the absolute and categorical claim that rap is not music (in fact, I do believe there are significant differences between rap and other forms of musical expression that are heavily dependent upon machines that produce sounds and the more traditional musical genres). However, I think it’s absolutely crucial in all of this to avoid crafting arguments that conflate and confuse musical merit with other, secondary aspects and effects of various different forms of musical expression. I include song lyrics in the secondary aspects of musical expression because, as anyone who has listened to, e.g., American Indian music will readily understand, some very beautiful vocal music is lacking entirely in semantic properties. So, while lyrics can contribute to our enjoyment of music, it’s a simple fact that, strictly speaking, they are not part of the music. In light of this, rap does indeed seem especially susceptible to critique from a musical standpoint because, as many have noted, it is almost entirely lacking in melody. This leaves us with rhythm. I won’t repeat here what’s already been written in this discussion about the lack of creativity in rap’s rhythmic dimension. However, I will say that, while I’m sure skill is required to program a machine to produce a beat, there must be a point at which we conclude that such skill no longer really constitutes art. Yet another secondary (or perhaps tertiary) effect related to forms of musical expression are the clothing styles, unique slang, and other stylistic affectations that achieve close associations with the various musical genres. I have the sense that these are the actual grounds for peoples’ objections to rap (or for their defense of it). In fact, taken together, these secondary aspects and effects account for the great majority of comments in this discussion. It would seem, then, to be a matter of style more than it is of substance. I would ask both sides in this debate to consider the sadly short-lived attempts to create a fusion between rap and metal–like Ice T’s band “Bodycount,” or the collaboration between “Onyx” and “Biohazard” or “Anthrax” and a rap group whose name I forget. In those cases even I, who have been known for a high degree of musical snobbery, could enjoy and appreciate rap. I viewed the emergence of those bands and collaborations between bands with great hope and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, as far as I know, the experiment has died. Yet, the very fact that it was possible strongly suggests that the stylistic differences that so divide us can be overcome. I can say “I hate rap,” but if I’m honest, I must admit that the “hate” I feel toward rap is more similar to the “hate” I feel towards certain kinds of food–it is a matter of taste, nothing more, nothing less.

  12. 1)What would a RAPPER do with a blank sheet of MUSIC?
    2)How can a RAPPER make a hit song without talking about abusing another person, doing something illegal or how bad his life is? HE CAN’T.
    3)How do I survive every day of my life without always thinking about the negative things that are constantly happening to me? I don’t listen to RAP.

  13. Music is music… Music contains a beat at it’s barest form. Therefore rap is music. Just listen to it, judge the lyrical merit and enjoy it or don’t enjoy it. But don’t be so closed minded that you stereotype rap into black people singing about their hoes. Its like stereotyping metal with angry white people committing suicide. Music is music. Stereotyping is shit.

  14. I dont care what anyone says,rap is the lowest form of music there is.I find it annoying that people give metal in general a bad label just because some bands use evil or satanic based themes.With a few exceptions thats being done for shock value.These guys aren’t going to do some of the things they write about because it will obviously effect their career,where as rap musicians encourage people to cause violence and they take it seriously.I’m not gonna be like one of these ignorant kids/teens or shit even some people 20 years older than me that think all rock/metal sucks by saying %100 of rap sucks,because there are a few rap songs I acually like.Anyone who is so closed minded to only listen to 1 or 2 forms of music especially rap is missing out on more than i can describe.yeah pretty much everything I listen to is classified as rock in some way but thats different.rock is split into so many genres and subgenres u rarely come across 2 songs that sound alike and there are no limits to what can be done in rock/metal where as in rap about 90% of it sounds the same.So all u idiots that accuse metal of being depressing and all that,why dont u ask the next metalhead u see how depressed they are because of their cousin being shot in a gunfight.idiots.There’s a reason metal doesn’t have happy lyrics,and a large part of that is due to you fucking degenerates.There’s enough happy bs out there.Metal has balls.Thats the whole point.The happiness that we get from metal comes from some of our stress being releaved when we listen to it loud & proud!If it was happy it wouldn’t be called metal now would it?With that all being said yes I am a hater and I’m damn proud!!Now all u mindless rap loving fools go do the rest of the world a favor and hang your self!!!HAIL METAL!!!

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