What Color Is My Shirt?

Ok, lets play a little game. Go look at this picture, and tell me what color my shirt is. There have been about 3 different color guesses. I still think they are all colorblind.

So post what color you think it is, or closest to.

18 comments on “What Color Is My Shirt?

  1. Well the picture is not the best, I will go with grey or purple. I am leaning towards the purple side with the picture distortion.


  2. And one last thing, what is that thing around your next? Just kidding, I can recall the days when I had to wear one of those. The first summer that I was an intern with Cray/SGI I had a friend working there and was told that if I showed up with a tie on he would personally cut it off and make me hang it on my office door for the entire summer. Ah good time.


  3. Grey with a purple overcast. I see mainly grey in the picture with little spots of purple. You are right. That shirt is a mystery. LOL. :-)

  4. Well looks to be grey in the picture but yea that bluish purplish thing going on…not sure. Kinda like a slate lavender…?!? Odd shirt man! lol

  5. Hmmmmmm I’d say that shirt is from a sheer material that makes a purplish grey (more purple) from different angles. . . . Was it made in India or Hong Kong (on the outside chance: Korea)? Because it’s one of their styles fo sho 😛

  6. I know how to tie a full windsor, I know 4 different ones :) this one is just the too short for my 18 neck tie.

  7. Slate blue. Isn’t it strange how you can get so many comments out of this and then you write a long meaningful post and…hardly any?

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