I went with Ty to a school field trip to Dow Gardens. It was a wonderful experience to go see the butterflies at the conservatory inside of Dow Garden. Once again, if you live in Michigan or just visit, Midland is a great place to stop by. Enjoy the pictures.

They also had some awesome plants and flowers in the conservatory. Even several different Orchids, which are my favorite flower, and the Colombian national flower. I hope that this is a sign that spring is coming, I cannot take the cold weather anymore.

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5 comments on “Butterflies

  1. I’d love to go someplace like that to see all of the beautiful plants and flowers but they better leave the butterflies out of it! lol

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time! Field trips (and those pictures) rock!

    We went with Bailey into a butterfly habitat (much smaller than the one you visited I’m sure) in an amusement park in the Bay Area. She has super curly hair and it started to freak her out when all the butterflies started coming at her and landing in her hair. It’s quite hard to remove loads of delicate butterflies from a squirming child’s Shirley Temple-like hair.

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