Bad drivers

Wednesday night I was in Kung Fu and we started talking about bad drivers. We did not know that very close to us an accident had just occurred (full story)

Two teenage girls were struck by a car Wednesday afternoon as they crossed Jefferson Avenue with the help of a school crossing guard, leaving one of them in critical condition.

The incident occurred at 3:04 p.m. at the intersection of Jefferson and Chapel Lane when 79-year-old Kathleen May Fournier, Midland, disregarded a school crossing guard who was helping the two girls, both age 13, cross using the crosswalk, Midland Police report. Fournier was headed north, as the girls crossed to the east.

I was recounting how there had only been one real bad incident where someone had cut me off. The bad part is that they were oblivious of what had happened. The lady driving a minivan that pulled in front of me seemed to not see my car skidding sideways toward her. Thank God I missed her car and nothing happened. Then the next morning I hear about the accident on the news. The other people in class commented how Midland was just horrible because of old drivers. One of the younger kids in the class said but why do they drive? I tried to explain to him how driving is a sense of freedom that no one wants to lose.

I feel really bad for older drivers, they are not all necesarilly bad drivers, but some of them don’t have the vision, reflexes and skills necessary for safe driving. I am torn about this, especially because in some cases they have no one to rely on for some of their needs. Also who wants to lose their sense of freedom?

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  1. There ought to be some kind of program to help the elderly. I know though that in many places there is none. It is sad to see people who need help, but can’t get it. I don’t think elderly people should be able to drive when they lose vision, and response time slows. However, I think the government should establish more programs to help these people too, so that they can still get to the doctor or the store without driving. Too many elderly people are alone without a friend or a relative to help them. It is sad.

  2. At the same time, though, man… You GOTTA realize when you suck at driving…
    I KNOW I’m a bad driver, and therefore, try not to drive often…
    If you can’t drive you KNOW it…

    Hear that?? Stay off the road, assholes!!!

    But really, now…
    If enough people flip you off, you get a clue.

  3. 3 basic things to remember and you might be able to drive without everyone flashing their lights or signaling to you with the universally recognised up and down movement of the hand in a loose fist type gesture.
    1 Pull over! If there is a car behind you, pull over, let it pass, then you can be a prick again if you must and go back out. You’ll soon get sick of it though and then it will dawn on you, I know! I’ll stay on the inside lane all the time like I’m supposed to and just pull out to pass someone.

    2 Use you bleeding indicators!!! There not there for decoration!! Other drivers NEED to know what your intentions are. Think about it, its common sense really and its not hard to do.

    3 Its not foggy!!!!!!! Turn the bloody foglights off you pillock!!!

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