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My Space was on the local news this morning. It was a news cliffhanger about a young girl and concerned parents. When the newsperson comes back with their “story” it was a little anticlimactic. The parents of a teen were concerned because she received a picture of a male penis from an adult on her My Space account; they added that the teen is keeping her My Space account.

I don’t have a My Space account, I am not a total hater but I feel I am over that. My space is like the high school of the Internet; I think I am in College. When I have ended up in there, I feel like I need to take a shower afterwards. It is not due to the amount of obscenity, which is also disgusting, but the attack of images, videos and music. I dislike being spammed with sound; I believe it is a big Internet no-no to have music unless you are a band. My space to me is friendster gone wrong, kind of like when Gizmo’s (the cute little gremlin) kids get to eat after midnight. Don’t even get me started on their poor coding for skins and layout. It is nauseating just to think of it.

Yet rolling stone hails it as the force that is making music hip again, and others make it sound like the future of marketing. I don’t know, maybe it is a good thing to be able to connect with a bunch of people that you have like interest with, but My Space still sound to me like the ultimate Emo, hookup, filthy corner of the internet.

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  1. Working with a bunch of Unix geeks is like stepping back in time fifteen years, only instead of people running sh and vi on a single VT220 terminal on their desktop, they now had a nice 24” lcd monitor displaying ten or twelve VT220s running sh and vi. This is progress?

    Unix geeks are the Amish of the computer world.

    Long live VI!!!

  2. MySpace is sort of a love/hate thing with me. Both of my kids have MySpace accounts and I love that they can keep in touch with friends that they have left behind due to various moves. I hate it for the fact that they spend way too much time on there, people use it as a place to hook up, and yea you’re right…you feel dirty when you leave there and the music a royal pain in the behind.

  3. Many of my friends who are completely oblivious of the wonderful things that can be done with the medium that is the web, have setup their very own MySpace page. I completely agree with you in that it has become the ‘high school of the internet.’ What’s up with all these flashy banners, annoying music and cheesy backgrounds.

  4. I have a MySpace account….I’ve tried to use it to reconnect with some friends from high school and college. I’d say it’s only partialy successful.

    As I think about it–what is it about the Internet that encourages the behavoirs we see there? I mean, maybe I am just sheltered, but I don’t usually go places and meet women or men who are shwoing off their underwear. Is it that it’s a sense of more anonyomity? Maybe becuase you can choose an identity ,you can allow certain aspects out….

    Anyway…I’m thinking again..and it’s time to stop.

  5. …because when I think music, I think Rolling Stone. 😐

    I don’t have a myspace accnt. I actualyl tried getting one, it kept kicking back errors, stating that I had to be at least 14 years of age…yeah, I’m far beyond that.

  6. I recently caved in and got a MySpace account, despite being an accomplished web developer. The MySpace interface is garbage, and what most people DO with that garbage is even worse. (Seriously, I can’t read at least half of the profiles because of awful color choices people make!) Nonetheless, I couldn’t resist the lure of getting back in touch with people I haven’t seen in over a decade. I like catching up with friends, and if this is the medium that will allow it, I’m willing to compromise.

  7. If you don’t like to music turn down the speakers if you don’t want to see half naked people don’t associate with them. I have an account there and i don’t have any nudity i only in vite people i personally know. everyone has the right to what they want.

  8. I thank it is mostly peoples falt for giving out so much info its not so much my space that is doing this now they have it wear if you wan to add someone under the age of 18 you got to have the persons email address and the last name. i mostly sick with the people i know there is a lot of sick people out there but you just got to look for theim. my space is only for 15 and up but kids break the rules to much . for info i only give first name or maybe a pic that is it i really like my space it made me wear i feel closer to my friends because before my account i did’nt talk to anyone if i went some ware out like a store so i hate my space all you want but i am staying so be it…Tazz

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